5 CMs of different caste in 5 years! Rajbhar’s amazing formula for UP

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Om Prakash Rajbhar, the president of Uttar Pradesh, has proposed a strange formula for sharing power for Uttar Pradesh. He has said that if his ten-party partnership Sankalp Morcha comes to power in the 2022 assembly elections, there will be a new chief minister every year, representing a different caste. He said he was confident that his front would win with a comfortable majority. “I will ensure that every major caste group, among the poor and the Dalits, gets a share in power. I myself am not interested in holding all positions and depriving others. He said, ‘After Babasaheb Ambedkar, I am the second person to resign as a cabinet minister. People contest elections to become MLAs, MPs or ministers. But I kept fighting with the Chief Minister for the rights of the poor even while in power. The SBSP was part of the ruling coalition till last year’s Lok Sabha elections. Now fighting as a front for the 2022 assembly elections. In Uttar Pradesh, the SBSP has four MLAs in one house with 403 MLAs.

[Attribution to NBT]

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