70,000 years ago, the face of a primitive man made from a bone, for the first time the trace of a tumor in Neanderthal

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Scientists have reconstructed one that was 70 thousand years ago. The Neandertal () named Krin had a tumor mark on his face. Interestingly, such a tumor had not been seen in any Neanderthal before and it is suspected that it may have caused problems such as pain, swelling and epilepsy.

made from a bone
Krin’s face is drawn with the help of a bone just above the eye. This bone was discovered in the year 2001 by a paleontologist in Zeeland. Krin lived at a place called Dodgerland. This area used to connect Britain with the rest of Europe till 50 thousand years ago. It is believed that Neanderdals were on earth along with humans thousands of years ago. They looked just like us. Krin’s bone fossil was found in the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands. It is housed in the Rijksmuseum von Auden (RMO) in the Netherlands. RMO curator Luke Amkreutz told that there is an interesting mark on this bone above the eye.

full face made
Research has found that it is caused by a tumor. A study in 2009 found that it must have been of a Neanderthal youth. On the analysis of stable isotopes, it was also found that these people mostly ate meat and also marine animals. Two Dutch brothers have made the face of this young man. Adre and Alphonse Kenis have made such faces before. Actually, this time the bone found was very special, so with its help the whole face was easily prepared. He also created the color of the eyes, hair and skin, mixing with the old features of the Neanderthals. It will be shown in the display to be held on October 31.

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[Attribution to NBT]

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