‘9/11 was an attack on humanity, this day taught the world a lot’, said PM Modi

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New Delhi
PM Modi today inaugurated Sardardham Bhawan in Gujarat and performed Bhoomi Pujan of Sardar Dham-II Phase Girls Hostel. On this occasion, PM Modi mentioned the ideals of Apart from this, PM Modi, referring to the terrorist attack of 9/11, called it an attack on humanity. He said that this date has taught us a lot.

Today’s date is known for the attack on humanity
PM Modi said in his address- ‘Today is 11th September i.e. 9/11. A date in the history of the world which is known for the attack on humanity, but this date has also taught a lot to the whole world. A century ago it was on September 11, 1893 when the World Parliament of Religions was held in Chicago.

Values ​​of humanity will solve such tragedies
PM Modi further said- ‘On this day Swami Vivekananda stood on that global stage and introduced the world to the human values ​​of India. Today the world is realizing that tragedies like 9/11 will have a permanent solution, only through these values ​​of humanity.

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Today is the anniversary of 9/11 attacks
Let us tell you that on this day i.e. on September 11, 2001, the biggest terrorist attack in the history of America took place. Al Qaeda terrorists attacked the Twin Towers of America and destroyed it. The impact of that attack in New York 20 years ago was felt all over the world. 9/11 changed the definition of terrorism, the fate of many countries took a different turn and some even changed foreign policy.

[Attribution to NBT]

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