Afghanistan: The threat of war with Taliban increased, India closed Kandahar consulate for the time being, called back staff

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The Taliban has been announcing an increase in its hold on the sting wound since the US military left Afghanistan. On Friday, the Taliban in Russia claimed control of 85% of the country’s territory. In such a situation, in view of the situation, India has decided to close its consulate in Kandahar for the time being. According to the report of The Hindu, at least 50 diplomats and security personnel of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police have been brought back to Delhi by sending a special flight of the Indian Air Force. The newspaper quoted government sources as saying that this step has been taken as a precaution. In fact, there is a possibility that the Taliban may also target Kandahar, which was once its headquarters.

Intensified war will be in danger
If this happens, then his war with the Afghan army and security forces may intensify. According to sources, due to the apprehension of danger to the Indian personnel as the war escalated in the city, it was decided to withdraw them in advance to ensure their safety. At present, the Indian Embassy in Kabul and the Consulate at Mazar-e-Sharif in Balkh province are open. According to officials, these officers will be sent back when the situation improves. Some people may even be sent to the Kabul embassy. Officials are not confirming the Taliban’s claim of possession of a large part of the country, but Kandahar remains in danger of cutting off contact with other areas.

Taliban capture important towns
Earlier, Afghan local officials had admitted that the Islamic Khala town, important for trade on the border of Afghanistan and Iran, has also been caught by the Taliban. Along with Islam Kala, the Torghundi town adjacent to Turkmenistan has also gone under the control of the Taliban. Both towns fall in Herat province. With this, the Taliban have occupied its borders with Iran, Turkmenistan, China, Tajikistan and Pakistan, according to Ariana News.

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