Afghanistan’s popstar Aryana Saeed left the country, said- I am alive, but Taliban made hell

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Afghanistan’s most popular popstar Aryaana Saeed has left her country Afghanistan. Aryana has reached another country from Kabul with the help of American flight. He has taken such a step because of the fear of Taliban. Aryana said that there is a fear of Sharia law in Afghanistan. After capturing Kabul, the dreaded Taliban has implemented Sharia. Women’s life in Afghanistan is like hell and there women’s rights have no meaning anymore. Whether or not women will work in the coming days is the big question.

Popstar gave an update to the fans
Aaryana has informed the fans about leaving the country through Instagram. He captioned it, ‘After nights filled with nothing to forget and fear, I am finally alive and well. I have reached Doha and am now waiting for my flight to Istanbul.

Has openly opposed the Taliban
Let us tell you, Aryana Saeed is considered a staunch supporter of women’s interests. She also supports the Afghan army. He has openly opposed the Taliban on several occasions. He has said many times that the Taliban is not right in the interest of the country.

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