After Russia’s bombing in Ukraine, know the reason why India may be banned?

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new Delhi: The global situation is changing with Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Countries around the world seem to be divided into two poles. India is currently walking on the middle path but tensions may increase for it. Within hours of Ukraine’s appeal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin and appealed to stop the violence immediately. The PM has emphasized that all sides should return to the path of diplomatic dialogue and dialogue. However, the matter does not end here. If officials are to be believed, in this environment of war, tremendous pressure can increase on India from America and its European allies. It is understood that the US, provoked by Russia’s attack on Ukraine, will do everything possible to respond to it. In such a situation, America can also impose Caatsa Sanctions on India.

Till now India has been avoiding CAATSA
US President Joe Biden has expressed his intention. He has called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin an “aggressor”. Biden announces new economic sanctions against Russia, says Putin is an aggressor. Putin has chosen war. However, he flatly refused to send American troops to Ukraine to wage war against the Russian army. India is monitoring the entire development. Till now India has been avoiding the restrictions imposed under the strict law of America CAATSA. Under this law, there are major sanctions on countries buying weapons from Russia or say that they are prevented from buying Russian weapons through this ban. India has strengthened its diplomatic and military ties with both the Trump and Biden governments. India wants to keep its preparedness strong to respond to challenges from neighboring countries like China and Pakistan. In this sequence, in October 2018, India signed a deal worth Rs 40,000 crore for five S-400 Triumph missile systems (surface-to-air missile systems). It is being considered as an essential national defense requirement of India. The US has been openly warning or imposing sanctions on other countries, but it has refrained from speaking more openly on India’s deal with Russia. India signed another important deal with Russia in March 2019 worth $3 billion, under which an Akula-1 class nuclear submarine would be leased. Although Russia continues to be India’s largest defense supplier, India has now increased closer with the US, France and Israel for military equipment and software requirements. Relationships strengthened and balance was struck. The US itself has also finalized defense deals with India worth more than $21 billion since 2007. However, an official said, “But the Biden administration cannot exempt India from sanctions for a long time for the purchase of S-400 and other weapons from Russia.” On the Chinese front, India will have to keep a constant watch on its PLA. Defense officials said that the People’s Liberation Army is going to conduct maneuvers on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the month of March-April and India will have to be prepared in every way. “Instead of stopping China’s antics in the Indo-Pacific region, the attention of Western countries, including the US, has shifted to Russia’s attack on Ukraine,” an official said. In such a situation, China must be feeling itself tension free. In the changed environment, he can display military strength or do any action in the LAC, especially in the Arunachal sector. Anyway, the intention of the PLA to reduce the tension between the armies of the two countries, which has been going on for 21 months in eastern Ladakh, is not visible.

[Attribution to NBT]

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