All Enjoyment! YouTube is giving a chance to earn up to Rs 7.41 lakh every month, know how to earn everything

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YouTube has made a big announcement regarding its Shorts app launched as a competitor to Tiktok. In fact, YouTube has announced to pay creators up to $10,000 (about Rs 7.41 lakh) per month for making popular videos on the Shorts app.

The company created a fund of $100 million for 2020-21The company has launched the YouTube Shorts Fund. Which is a $100 million fund for 2021-2021. YouTube said in a statement late Tuesday, “Each month, we will reach out to thousands of eligible creators to claim payment from the funds. Creators on their shorts have anywhere from $100 (approximately Rs.7,500) to $10,000 (approximately Rs.7.41), depending on viewership and engagement. can earn up to Rs.

Users will be able to use YouTube as a businessThe $100 million fund will help build a monetization model for shorts on YouTube and is not limited to creators in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and any creator who meets its eligibility criteria can participate. With the launch of the Shorts Fund, creators and artists now have 10 ways to make money and build a business on YouTube.

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Most of the revenue comes from advertisingRobert Kinkle, Chief Business Officer, YouTube, said: “Advertising has been at the core of creators’ revenue streams, and is the main way creators can make money on YouTube. Creators get the largest share of revenue from ads on YouTube. Is.”

Paid subscription optionYouTube Premium is a paid subscription option that enables members to enjoy ad-free content, background playback, downloads and premium access to the YouTube Music app. The company said- “The majority of subscription revenue goes to YouTube partners.” YouTube said, “With channel membership, creators can provide exclusive features and content to viewers who join their channels as monthly paying members at prices set by the creators.

Many monetization features will also be availableAnother monetization feature called ‘Super Chat’ is a highlighted message in the chat stream, which stands out from the crowd to grab the attention of your favorite creator. YouTube added, “Viewers can now thank and praise videos uploaded via SuperThanks as well. As an added bonus, fans will get a separate, colorful comment highlighting purchases, which will be followed by a creator response. can give.”

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