Alligators used to chew on dinosaurs in Australia, the remains found for the first time in the world

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Australian scientists have claimed that they have discovered a new species of gharial. This alligator hunted dinosaurs as its last meal and its remains have been found in its stomach. This fossil of alligator is 95 million years old. This alligator has been found in the Queensland area of ​​Australia. Researchers were not surprised when the remains of ornithopod dinosaurs were found from inside the stomach of a crocodile. Matt White of The Australian Age of Dinosaur Museum called the discovery “extraordinary”. White said, ‘This is the first time that dinosaur remains have been found from inside a gharial. This is the first time in the world. This fossil was discovered by paleontologists in the year 2010 and it took more than 6 years to bring its fragments together. Interestingly, for the first time the skeleton of an ornithopod dinosaur has been found in this area.

These dinosaurs were only slightly bigger than chickens
Along with this, for the first time, it has also been found from the evidence that in Australia, alligators hunted dinosaurs. “This Prague is a historic alligator, and its last meal speaks volumes about the relationships and behavior that perished from the Australian soil millions of years ago,” said White. There is evidence that these dinosaurs used to eat trees and plants with the help of their teeth. They were found on earth about 100 million years ago. “Ornithopods were very beautiful little dinosaurs that were only slightly larger than chickens,” Waite said. Their weight used to be 1.2 kg. He said that you can imagine that this dinosaur must have come on the banks of the river and the alligator must have done all his work. The bones of dinosaurs were very fragile, due to which special methods were used to remove them. After this, with the help of new technology, the X-ray of the fossil was done.

[Attribution to NBT]

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