Amazing Portable Mini Cooler! Office or garden will keep cool everywhere; Price Rs.650 Starting from

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How about if you can take your cooler with you wherever you want to escape the heat. You won’t believe it but it can happen. Yes, we are telling you about such a cooler, which you can take with you to the office, garden or wherever you want. They are lightweight and portable. But by seeing their size, do not underestimate its power, it is capable of giving cooling like AC.

We are talking about portable mini air cooler, let’s know everything about it…

How does mini cooler work
This mini portable cooler is of square shape. It doesn’t have a movable wing, so you can set the wind direction manually. Being small in size, it has a water tank on one side, which has a capacity of around 5 liters, which may vary brand-wise.

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7 Color LED Mood Light
Brand wise water tank capacity may vary. You can also add cold water or some ice cubes to it, which will give you ice-coolness. To operate the cooler, a round shape button is given at the top. The good thing is that there is an LED mood light around it, which you can change to seven different colors, which gives it a great look. The company claims that it does not just provide air but also acts as an air filter and ensures that pure air reaches you.

USB port facility is also available
It can be run from home with normal power part. Despite being small, the cooler allows you to adjust the wind speed in three ways. It can also be charged via USB port. The dimensions of the cooler are just 12cmx20cmx20cm. Brand wise dimensions may vary. One special thing is that this cooler is ready to use, it does not require any kind of installation.

how much is the price
According to different brands on Flipkart, its price ranges from Rs 650 to Rs 2 thousand. The e-commerce platform is also offering various cashback offers. It can also be availed at no-cost EMI. According to the price difference can be seen in the features of the mini cooler.

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