Amidst the war, 24 hours langar service is running on the Ukraine-Poland border, help is also being given to foreign nationals

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new Delhi: Thousands of people are leaving their homes and going to safer places amid the war. Have to walk hungry and thirsty. The Sikh community has arranged langar for all these people. Such examples will be found from country to abroad, where Sikhs helped people in times of crisis, regardless of themselves. The same spirit is now being seen from the foreign soil of Ukraine to the borders of other countries adjoining it (Romania, Poland). According to the information, the volunteers of Khalsa Aid have started the langar service to help the Indian and other citizens coming to India. For this, a tent has been set up, where 24 hours langar is being cooked and other essential items are being provided. Amandeep Singh, a volunteer of Khalsa Aid, who is serving here, said that it has been two days since this camp started. First the location around here was recognized. Only non-veg was available around. Then the vegetables were arranged. Amandeep told that whoever is reaching the Polish border from Ukraine has not eaten for many days. It is freezing cold here. In such a situation, hot langar is being fed by arranging gas cylinders. Amandeep said that our team attends those who reach the border. These camps are 10 kilometers away. After reaching the camp, she feeds the langar and arrangements have also been made to stay nearby. Amandeep hails from UK and reached Poland on Friday.

The Gurudwara also opened the doors for the people.Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Warsaw, Poland has also opened its doors to the people. Indian students are also staying here in large numbers. Langar is being cooked daily in the gurdwara and it is being fed to the refugees coming from Ukraine. The service is now ongoing in collaboration with the Volunteers of Poland. At present, apart from medicines, arrangements have been made for fruits. Dal and rice are being made in the langar. Aman told that the situation here is very bad. Apart from Indians, there were also citizens of Nepal here. We helped him to reach the station. Amandeep said that the Sikh community has been doing this service not out of any selfishness but out of selflessness to save humanity and will continue to do so. Apart from the border, Khalsa Aid said that the service of langar is also going on in Ukrainian trains.

[Attribution to NBT]

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