‘Anti-Indian is Superman’, superhero made controversial statement regarding Kashmir, boycott demand raised

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Indian audiences fond of superhero movies have got angry about DC Comics’ hero ‘Superman’. In DC’s new animation film ‘Injustice’, something has been said and shown about Kashmir, due to which Indian fans have become very angry. Not only is the film being criticized on Twitter and various social media platforms, but there has also been a demand for boycott of every film of DC Comics. In the animation film ‘Injustice’, Kashmir has been described as ‘disputed’ and ‘weapons free zone’. A video clip of the film is also becoming very viral.

What is in the video clip going viral
In the viral video clip of the film, Kashmir has been described as a disputed area. In this, Superman and Wonderwoman are attacking and destroying fighter planes and military equipment. Superman and Wonderwoman then declare that Kashmir is an ‘weapons-free zone’. Standing between the two representatives, he asks, do you agree to these conditions?

Users said – this is propaganda against IndiaDC Comics is getting a lot of criticism on social media, especially on Twitter. Many users have described Superman and Wonderwoman as well as DC as ‘anti-India’. One has written that anti-India propaganda is being spread through films. DC should have read a bit before saying anything like this about Kashmir or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Users allege that if this was to be done, then why does this Superman not tell Afghanistan a weapon-free zone in his film? People have also given Superman the name ‘Anti-Indian Superman’.

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Trended #AntiIndiaSupermanSocial media users are demanding that this controversial scene should be removed from the film immediately. Users say, ‘Kashmir is an integral part of India and no one has the right to give his opinion or make fun of the country’s internal affairs in this way.’ People are seeing it by linking it with the unity-integrity and sovereignty of the country. #AntiIndiaSuperman is also trending on Twitter. So far, there has been no statement from the filmmakers or DC Comics in this matter.

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