Apple made the users fun! Just do this small work and get 20% bonus, the offer is very amazing

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Offer: If you are an Apple user, then there is good news for you. Because Apple is giving a huge gift to its users. Actually, the company has given a big gift to its users by announcing the best bonus for increasing the suggestions of the users in its Apple ID balance. The company has taken this step to promote its payment system through Apple ID (Balance). Under this, the company is giving 20 percent bonus to its Indian users for using Apple ID balance. If you are an Apple user and you add funds to Apple Id, then you will be given a bonus of 20 percent from the company. As reported by 9To5Mac, Twitter quoted a developer as notifying users of a 20 percent bonus for adding funds to an Indian user’s Apple ID account.

The company will give 20 percent bonusAs the tech giant is pushing for developers to promote payments using Apple ID balance (). In such a situation, Apple is now offering a 20 percent bonus to Indian users who add funds to their Apple ID.

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You will get a bonus of Rs 400 on two thousand rupeesAccording to Apple, this offer is valid till October 31 and keep in mind that you can take advantage of this offer only when Rs 100 to Rs 15,000 is available in Apple ID balance. To explain through example, then, if a user adds Rs 2,000 to their Apple ID, they will get Rs 400 as a bonus. If the amount added is Rs 10,000, the user will get an additional Rs 2,000 in his Apple ID. A new directive from the Reserve Bank of India to allow banks to approve recurring transactions using credit and debit cards requires user approval through a new authentication system, the report said. It falls.

Emphasis on in-app purchase system Apple said the new directive will affect apps with auto-renewable subscriptions, so the company is pushing developers to promote payments using Apple ID balances, as it won’t be affected by the new measures.

The 20 percent bonus offer could certainly prove to be a great way to encourage Indian users to change their payment method to avoid issues with Apple’s in-app purchase system, the report said.

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