‘Aunt’ will tell the secret of the end of the earth, NASA made a master plan for the planet Venus

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For information about how the earth will end, the US space agency NASA has geared up. It is the effort of NASA that by exposing this mystery, any future danger on Earth can be dealt with. For this, NASA and the European Space Agency are going to launch three missions on the planet Venus, which is called Earth’s sister. This will be able to know how the earth developed and how it progressed. Along with this, it will also be possible to know whether our mother earth, like the planet Venus, will no longer be habitable for humans. At a time when the eyes of scientists from all over the world are on Mars, but after the news of sending three missions to Venus, now everyone’s attention has suddenly been drawn towards it. NASA is going to launch space missions named DAVINCI + and Veritas missions to Venus and European Space Agency EnVision. The focus has increased on the planet Venus, which has been a victim of neglect of the world for many years.

The temperature on Venus is about 470 degrees Celsius
According to scientists, this mission will know how life will end on our earth one day. We have got very little information about the planet Venus so far. There are many similarities between Venus and Earth such as size, distance from the Sun, etc. However, there is a big difference between the two planets. The purpose of all these three missions is to help scientists understand that both Earth and Venus are separate planets or that Venus was once like Earth. And if the planet Venus was once like the Earth, then how did it turn into a ball of fire? Astronomer Paul Byrne said in the BBC’s Science Focus program that the temperature on the planet Venus is about 470 degrees Celsius and if a person steps on the surface of Venus, he will be burnt to ashes. Venus has 96.5 percent carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, so humans will not be able to breathe there. Now scientists will try to find out what is the real reason for the destruction of Venus.

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