Bad news for mobile users! This year also the prices of phones will increase due to this, please have a look

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New Delhi.It is not good news for the mobile users around the world that smartphone companies will continue to increase their mobile prices in the coming time. You might think that due to increasing demand for budget and mid-range smartphones, their prices are increasing, but this is not the case. Actually, mobile companies are increasing the price of their devices, because the components needed to make them are getting expensive over time and because of this, if mobile prices increase in the coming time, you are not surprised. should do. Companies like Xiaomi and Samsung sell the most smartphones in India.

Strong competitionIn a way, there is indirect pressure on mobile companies to introduce mobiles with better features at a lower price, which is mainly due to competition. The top selling smartphone companies in India launch Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, Poco, Vivo, Oppo, Itel, Micromax, Oneplus among many other budget and mid-range smartphones, and reduce their prices over time. And also announces many types of offers on them.

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Demand is increasingDuring the last one or two years, due to increasing demand, the prices of the components needed to make mobile phones are also increasing. In such a situation, smartphone companies also argue from time to time that they are now forced to partially increase the price of mobiles. In the coming time, if the prices of mobiles of many other companies including MI, Redmi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Poco, Realme, Micromax increase, then you will not be surprised at all, because this is bound to happen.

Realme’s boss did warneIn recent times, VP of Realme, Xu Ki Warne told the customers that the price of Reality smartphones may increase in the coming time. Tech experts believe that the prices of smartphones will continue to increase in the second third of the year 2021 as well. Processor manufacturer Qualcomm’s 4G and 5G chipsets are getting shorted, due to which prices are also expected to rise. Similarly, the prices of memory chip and charging adapter are also increasing.

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