Bapu’s Sabarmati Ashram will be renovated, 1949’s look will come back

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Ahmedabad Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat will be renovated. Its work has started with the aim of preserving and improving Gandhi’s legacy. This is happening on the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is an important agenda in the events being organized in the 75th year of independence, which will be presented to the country very soon. Gujarat government will spend 1200 crores on this. The government claims that this ashram will establish Gandhi’s legacy in such a way that people from all over the world will get to know the father of the nation better. This will be the best ashram in the world. According to officials, the new ashram will not only be spacious but elaborate arrangements will be made to show Gandhi Darshan up close.

long time demand K Kailashanathan, the official overseeing the restoration work of the ashram, said that since the past several years there had been a demand that since the buildings attached to the ashram and the memorial are scattered and do not have a common courtyard, Gandhi’s admirers who come here should be given them. The experience of knowing is not what is expected. But in the new form, Gandhi’s legacy will be completely returned to the ashram, which will be seen by the whole world. Kailashnathan is considered a close confidant of PM Modi. As per the proposal, the campus of Gandhi Ashram will be increased from 5 acres to 55 acres and all the 43 buildings attached to it will come under a single courtyard.

look exactly like 1949 Mahatma Gandhi established the Satyagraha Ashram in 1917 where he lived till 1930. This was the time when the script of India’s independence was written from this ashram. Then the ashram was spread over 120 acres with 47 acres of building complex consisting of 63 buildings. But due to neglect in the later years, the Gandhi Ashram was reduced to just 5 acres and the remaining 43 buildings moved out of the ashram premises. Now there is a plan to bring it back to the old form which Gandhi had made. According to Kailashanathan it will look exactly as it looked in 1949. According to officials, the need for restoration also arose because only 43 of Gandhi’s 63 legacy are left. The renovation of the Gandhi Ashram has been designed by Bimal Patel, who is one of the designers of the Central Vista.

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250 families will be displacedIn this entire process, 250 families living together will be displaced. According to the government, all the families will be resettled with better compensation and resources. In this, more than 50 families have accepted the proposal of the government. Gandhi Darshan will be explained in every language in the proposed form of Gandhi Ashram. According to the government, thousands of people come from not only the country but also from abroad, influenced by Gandhi’s thoughts, but they are not able to experience Gandhi Darshan in the ashram. It is claimed that once the restoration will take place, the Gandhi Ashram will help in carrying the Gandhi legacy to the next generation.

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