Be careful! Viral SMS named Corona Vaccine can steal money and personal information

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New Delhi.Corona Vaccine Fake SMS scam india: The corona crisis is in full swing in the country and in such a situation, the process of corona vaccination is also in full swing to save the people. But there are reports of vaccine shortage from most parts of the country. People are trying their best to get the vaccine and where there is a shortage of vaccine, people are getting many face messages related to vaccination, which need to be avoided, otherwise there can be a lot of damage.

There should be no second harm in the affair of vaccineThose who have got the first dose, they are sweating in booking the slot for the second dose. In such a situation, scammers are bringing new tricks and robbing people to trap people and earn their profit. Recently, a message is becoming increasingly viral in people’s phones. It is spreading to the system especially through Android smartphones. In this, a link is being created regarding Kovid-19 registration and vaccine. In clear words, it is being spread by making minor changes in the website of Fake Vaccine Registration. In this, people are being sought for their contact, SMS and other personal information. Recently, a malware researcher from cyber security firm ESET said that it has started in India since April and is still spreading.

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swindleIn this SMS, the lure of Kovid-19 free registration is being given. Through this message, people are being targeted with free registration and corona vaccine. It spreads through SMS and is moving forward by targeting the contact list of people. In this people are asked to download. This fake SMS is spreading through various names such as COVID-19 Vaccine, Covid-19 Vaccine Registration and Vaccine Registration.

Recently, there was a warning about fake Cowin vaccine registration apps and SMS. It is spreading through fake SMS to target people, in which people are asked to download apps and APK files. To avoid this type of virus, you do not have to click on any link or SMS. If you want to get any information related to the vaccine, then you should go to the Arogya Setu App or Cowin portal only.

If you get any text message or forward message on social media, then do not click on it or share it further. If you have any doubts, you can report it to the cyber police. These types of links are created to steal personal information of people and clear their bank money.

[Attribution to NBT]

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