Beautiful design with great features that make it future ready, see all the features of Samsung NEO QLED TVs

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Ltd. left itself behind when it announced its new range of QLED TVs. Its name is Being at the forefront of display technology, Samsung is leading the segment with its innovations in design, crisp displays, smart features and many more. This creates disruption in the market. Now with the ‘NEO’ QLED TV, Samsung has taken its level even higher. Currently, if you want the best premium television experience, the latest innovation from Samsung is one of the best options you can go for right now. Greatness never ends, it evolves, and that’s true for the Samsung NEO QLED TV. For starters, the new Samsung TVs sport a one-of-a-kind Infinity-One design that gives the TV a completely bezel-less look. The sleek and regal look of the Samsung NEO blends easily with your luxury living space. Samsung is indeed a leader in display tech and the company has done something special for its NEO QLED TVs. The company has also added Quantum Mini LEDs to this new range, which are 40 percent smaller but will give the brightest color output and the best detail is 100 percent color volume. With NEO QLED TVs, you will be able to enjoy picture quality in crisp 4K and 8K resolutions. Samsung has added flagship features like Quantum HDR up to 64X and Neo Quantum Processor to give customers a theater-like experience at home. Talking about the sound, the NEO QLED TV models will come with Q-Symphony and OTS Pro support, which are not seen in any model in the market at the moment. Let us now tell you about its merits in detail.

First, the Contemporary New Design:

If you pay attention to the smallest details while watching TV, then NEO QLED TVs are for you. You will be amazed at the excellent craftmanship by Samsung engineers even before you turn on the TV. The Infinity One design is all about the Infinity Screen which runs from corner to corner so that the TV has little or no bezels at all. Infinity screen offers new levels of immersive viewing and can completely modernize your home. A Modern TV with Modern Aesthetics: A premium offering like the NEO QLED TV is all about striking a delicate balance between great design and functionality. This latest model from Samsung has a smart solution for all the ports a TV needs. Samsung designed the One Connect solution to achieve an ultra-minimalist look, now what is it? One Connect is a hub that manages or manages to reduce the clutter caused by wires and cables. The One Connect is a slimmed-down hub for all the ports needed for a TV. Despite being ported to the TV itself, the One Connect solution provides a small portable hub that stays separate from the TV. In this way, the NEO QLED TV maintains a clean look and all the ports are well placed in a user-friendly location. The One Connect solution can be mounted completely behind the TV or placed extensively in your entertainment unit.

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Slim-Fit Wall Mount: The new NEO QLED TVs are Samsung’s slimmest TVs ever and you’ll agree with us once you experience it. The Infinity One design makes the TV bezel-less at the front and “bulk-less” on the sides. Since all the ports are seamlessly connected to the TV in One Connect solution, the NEO QLED Tv will look absolutely stunning on your wall. A single nearly invisible cable connects your external devices to the TV, leaving the surroundings clean and wire-free. Second is the impressive display quality in this TV model! Samsung has taken the game to a whole new level this time with the addition of Quantum Matrix Technology Pro to the NEO QLED TV but why the big deal? Not only will this technology give you the brightest pictures possible, but Quantum Matrix Technology Pro also drastically reduces picture blooming which helps in enhancing picture brightness and deep black tones. With the help of state-of-the-art Neo Quantum Processor AI Upscaling, the content you watch can be expanded up to 8K and 4K depending on the model. Each scene is restored pixel by pixel using advanced AI’s 16 neural networks. The processor fine-tunes the brightness and enhances the contrast for an immersive content viewing experience, regardless of the source resolution. The NEO QLED Tv with Quantum Dot uses 100% color volume which means you see 100% color volume in everything you watch, even in the brightest scenes. The display quality of the Samsung NEO QLED is as good for your eyes as it has been. Lastly, Sound Innovation, Redefined! The ultimate viewing experience is incomplete if the audio is less than yours. So how does the Samsung NEO QLED perform on it? In a word – incredible! OTS Pro or Object Tracking Sound Pro has been given in NEO QLED TV. This means the TV has a unique 3D surround sound that follows the on-screen action. This has been possible because the TV has built-in speakers that provide sound from all directions. Its sound is so authentic that you will feel every moment as if you are physically in the same place. But Samsung didn’t stop there – it went a step further with the Q-Symphony. Samsung Neo QLED’s Audio Q-Symphony – It syncs with your Samsung soundbar to create a fully orchestrated surround sound experience. This technology utilizes the speakers built into the television and soundbar for a holistic experience. Plus, you can enjoy perfect sound regardless of where and how you put your TV. Samsung uses SpaceFit sound technology which analyzes the environment of the room and then auto-calibrates the TV’s sound to optimal levels. All you have to do is turn on the TV and let the SpaceFit sound do the rest. Now it’s impressive.

Do more amazing things with the NEO QLED TV

Samsung’s NEO QLED TVs support multi-voice assist like Alexa, Google and Bixby. Through this you can ask anything on your TV and it will answer all your questions! SolarCell One Remote offers you a premium experience with its smooth exterior and solid build. Apart from this, the remote control is eco-friendly as it is made from recycled plastic. The new QLED TV comes with immersive gaming features that come with Super Ultrawide GameView, Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, Freesync Premium Pro and Auto Low Latency Mode that will enhance your overall gaming experience. Samsung NEO QLED 8K TVs are available in three sizes. This includes 65 inches, 75 inches and 85 inches. Available in 4K 6 sizes. It is available in 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch, 85 inch and 98 inch. Talking about the price of 8K, it starts from Rs 3,64,990 and the price of 4K starts from Rs 160,990.

Offers and deals that will charm youGiven the premium quality of the product, it is difficult to find any offers. But Samsung knows how to impress its customers. That’s why you are being given its soundbar free of Rs 1,04,900, up to 20 percent cashback on select bank credit cards, initial EMI of Rs 1,990, 3 years complete warranty and 10 years no screen burn on Neo QLED TVs- These warranties are being given. In fact, along with exciting offers including a free soundbar and cashback offer, it is worth checking out the other offers available on Big TV Festival. For more information,

Disclaimer: This article was produced by Times Internet’s Spotlight team on behalf of Samsung.

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