Before celebrating 26 January, meet ’26 January’, this man lives in Mandsaur, MP

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Mandsaur The country definitely celebrates every person, but have you ever met on 26 January. The question is awkward, but you can actually meet from January 26. The name of a person living in Mandsaur city of Madhya Pradesh is 26 January (). Today when the whole country is celebrating 72nd Republic Day, this person is celebrating his 56th birthday. Because of his unique name, 26 January had to face many difficulties, but because of his work and behavior, he is the favorite of his co-workers. He is also proud of the fact that on his birthday the flag is hoisted all over the country and there is a festive atmosphere.

The flag was hoisted there, the birth took place here
The full name of this person working as a class IV employee in Mandsaur Diet College i.e. District Education and Training Center is 26 January Taylor (). Everyone knows them by the name of twenty six. The story behind his name is also very interesting. His father Satyanarayan Taylor was a teacher and on the morning of 26 January, he was doing a flag ceremony in his school. Then someone informed him that a son was born in his house. The joy of Republic Day and the birth of a son at home made teacher Satyanarayan Taylor so emotional that he named his child on 26 January.

Father refuses to change name
People explained many times to the father to give another name to the child, but he did not agree. Admission in the school and all the documents, his name was written on 26 January itself. As a child, friends used to call him 26. There was also a joke in many places. When someone met for the first time and heard the name, he too used to laugh. Gradually, on 26th January also got used to this name and he started being happy in it.

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faced difficulties
When this person’s name was written on 26th January in the documents for government job or other government work, then many problems also used to come. No one had heard such a name before. If he went somewhere among relatives or acquaintances, people would come to meet him after hearing his name.

now people take selfies
26 January is happy that his birthday is celebrated all over the country as Republic Day. When the whole country remembers 26th January, all the troubles about their name start feeling small. Not only this, everyone in the office praises 26 January for their dedication towards work and tact. On the day of Republic Day, the entire staff and acquaintances congratulate him on his birthday. There are many people who like to meet him on a special January and take a selfie with him.

[Attribution to NBT]

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