Before the results, Akhilesh Yadav made allegations of EVM theft, know what is the truth

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new Delhi: Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav, in a sudden press conference called on Tuesday, accused the administrative machinery of the Uttar Pradesh government of rigging the counting of votes. Akhilesh tweeted that EVMs have been caught in Varanasi. BJP also retaliated after Akhilesh’s allegations. State Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya said that the SP is losing, so now the blame is being put on EVMs. However, after Akhilesh’s allegation, there was a ruckus and the top administrative officials responded to his allegations.

What is the whole matter?
Akhilesh alleged that EVM machine has been caught in Varanasi. He said in the press conference that what is the reason that EVM machines are being transported without security. You cannot move EVMs from one place to another without the knowledge of the candidate. After all, why EVM missions were not going with the security forces? Akhilesh accused the EVMs of tampering and asked the workers to monitor it. Akhilesh said that the election of Uttar Pradesh is the last battle of democracy. After this people will have to revolutionize then only change will come. I will tell the people of my party that where the machines have been kept, till the counting is not done, no one should come and keep an eye on it.

Akhilesh accuses DM of Banaras
Akhilesh also accused Banaras District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma of dishonesty and said, ‘I know him very well.’ The Samajwadi Party has demanded installation of jammers outside the counting centers. On the question asked in this context, Yadav said that the jammer should be installed because many people are expressing apprehension that some manipulation can be done using the technology. He also questioned the role of the Commission and said that not a single officer has been removed from the complaint filed with the Election Commission.

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ruckus in many districts
Shortly after this, there were reports of EVMs and ballot papers being seized from many other districts. In Bareilly, there was a lot of ruckus after the news of the ballot paper in the garbage box. SP candidate Ataur Rehman accused the administration of rigging. He said that later the administration showed us the box by opening it. It contained unused ballot papers. SDM Sadar, Bareilly Dharmendra Kumar said that the ballot papers were being carried in the garbage cart. All the party people were called and shown it. Everyone left satisfied.

Investigation on the ruckus in Banaras, EVM dummy turned out
In Varanasi, when the EVM was taken out and placed on the vehicle on Tuesday evening, the SP workers arrived and took it in their possession and the protest started. The SP took the EVM out of the vehicle and started accusing it of rigging. The administration agreed among the leaders of all political parties, including the SP, to investigate the incident. The officials assured that if anything wrong is found, the election will be cancelled. All EVMs found on the vehicle were checked. Symbols of alpha, beta, gamma were found on it. That is, it was a dummy EVM. Apart from this, the ballot unit and control unit were also shown open. VVPAT was also shown in front of the candidates. The CCTV footage of the strong room was shown to the people of all the parties. In this entire process, the commissioner and the DM were kept away.

Varanasi Commissioner, DM cleaning
Varanasi Commissioner Deepak Aggarwal told that the EVMs found yesterday were for training. The EVM was being taken out and taken to the UP College. My question is that the list of your EVM and the one used in polling, match it with that EVM, that vehicle is parked outside. If it matches EVM number then we are guilty. At the same time, DM Kaushal Raj Sharma said that all the numbers of the 20 EVMs that have been received have been made through the machines in the polling. These training machines are different, they are training numbers. Those whose training was done during polling, they do it during counting. Tomorrow’s counting training will be done for employees without EVMs.

[Attribution to NBT]

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