Best iPhone or Android Smartphone? The powerful features of iOS 15 and Android 12 will be revealed

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New Delhi.Apple recently updated iOS 15, which brings new features and benefits to the iPhone. At the same time, we have also been hearing about the launch of Android 12 for some time and it is expected that its beta version will come by August. For the past few years, we have been hearing about both these operating systems developing together, but there are some differences between these two which make them different. Both the operating systems are better in their respective respects.

operating system corrosionAndroid users think that Android is better, then iOS users think that iOS is better. But since Google has given information about Android 12, iOS 14 was not being liked that much. Introduced by Google, Android 12 has come on beta which is equipped with some of the features that iOS 15 should have. If Apple also brings some of the features given by Google in the new operating system, then the iPhone 13 can prove to be a great software phone.

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NotificationTalking about notifications, iOS implements them differently, while on Android it is different. iOS notifications aren’t much better than Android’s. Going to the left edge of every screen does not seem right at times, so there is a fear that other controls and search may not be activated.

Features of Android OSIt’s easy to manage notifications on Android. Whether it is clearing junk mail, replying to signal messages or getting news or weather information, all these things are possible in just one notification shade. On the other hand, managing notifications on iOS is a bit different, as Android 12 has made it a lot easier. Receive notifications on Pixel 5 running Android 12 beta just got easier than on Android 11. Google has already improved the notification shade and Apple should think about it.

quick settingsThe new operating system has better Quick Settings control than iOS. Here you can access all the quick settings toggles and media controls while viewing or doing some of the information in them. In Android 12, Google has changed the quick settings menu to feature toggles. There have been changes in this that are not easily controlled in iOS, in which you have to go inside the settings menu to make changes. Apart from this, Quick Settings in Android 12 gives access to Home Control and Google.

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