Bet! You may not know the difference between Gmail and Email, the work is one but still there is a big difference.

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New Delhi: In today’s era, there is hardly anyone who does not have an email account. You also need an email account to access the smartphone. So at the same time, the increasing trend of online work around the world during the Corona period has not only increased the consumption of internet, but has also increased the demand for platforms like email, WhatsApp. By the way, you must know a lot about email, but do you know what is the difference between and? This question is because people often misunderstand these two as the same, whereas email and Gmail are two different things. Apart from email and Gmail, you may also use Outlook for office work, but do you know the difference between them. If you do not know, then today we are going to tell you this.

Do you know the difference between email and gmail?

There are many digital platforms that have not only brought a big change in the IT sector in the last two decades, but also became the reason for the information revolution in the modern era. In today’s tour, many such social media platforms have come, which quickly share the information sent by you with each other. So in this episode, today we tell you about the difference between email and Gmail.

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What does email mean?

Email means – Stand for Electronic Mail. That is, the messages that are sent through an electronic device. That is called email. For example, if it is an address, like- ABC123. This is the same address that we use to send the information.

What does gmail mean?
If Gmail is understood differently than email, then Gmail works to send the message of the email. Like we put after our email address. Which means that the work of sending that message is being done by Googat. However, through whichever medium we send the information/message, we have to add its address as well. To be understood simply, Gmail does the work of sending our messages. While email is our address. Apart from this, if you use Outlook, then let us tell you that for this you will have to put after your email address. By doing this, Microsoft does the work of sending your message.

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