Beware, your Facebook and Google accounts will be hacked! This way will steal all your details

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new Delhi. Users are constantly under the threat of malware. Recently, news has come out about a new malware whose name is being told as Electron Bot. This malware can affect your social media accounts. According to a recent report, Electron Bot takes malware and access to your Google accounts. The report which has come out regarding this matter has been given by Check Point Research. Check Point Research has told about this malware in the report. Apps where this malware has been seen include apps like Temple Run and Subway Surfer. However, these were clones of these games. Hackers think that your device can be affected by this. If it is infected then your digital information is easily accessible to hackers. So far 5000 devices have been affected by this malware.

What does this system do? This malware not only takes control of your system, but this malware also takes access to all the information available on Facebook and Google. This malware registers a new account in the user’s device. Apart from this, anyone’s post can be liked by logging in as well as commenting. If we talk about where this malware has been seen, then tell that the app present in the Microsoft store has been seen. Check Point Research has given information about this malware to Microsoft. According to the report, this malware has been seen in Album by Google Photos app. Although it mostly happens that people are not allowed to download apps from any other source but if Microsoft Store is a credible source then this did not happen in this.

[Attribution to NBT]

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