Biden admits mistake on Australian nuclear submarine deal? Relations will improve after talks with Macron

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Joe Biden spoke to Emmanuel Macron for the first time amid the ongoing diplomatic crisis between the US and France. In this conversation, both the leaders have talked about the tension arising out of the nuclear submarines deal with Australia. According to the CNN report, during this time Biden has acknowledged America’s wrong steps to negotiate. France is furious over the nuclear submarines deal between the US and Australia. This is the reason why it has also withdrawn its diplomats from America and Australia.

US-France issued joint statement
The US and France have not issued a joint statement after the talks between Biden and Macron. It said Macron and Biden agreed that the situation would benefit from open consultations between allies on matters of strategic interest to France and our European partners. It is also reported that President Biden has conveyed his ongoing commitment in that regard.

AUKUS ends France-Australia submarine deal
AUKUS has also terminated the $43 billion agreement between France and Australia. Through this agreement, France was to give 12 nuclear-powered submarines to Australia. The deal, signed in 2019, was celebrated as the agreement of the century with France. At the same time, now French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called it a stab in the back.

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Why did Australia break the deal with France?
No defense deal in the world is done just by looking at the good quality of the weapon. The geopolitical situation and diplomacy also play an important role behind this. In such a situation, Australia needs America in any case to reduce the growing threat from China. France cannot face China’s aggression in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean even if it wants. Not only this, it cannot give Australia as much strength internationally as the US has. In such a situation, Australia broke this deal by going against international rules and made a new agreement with America.

What is a nuclear submarine?
When scientists split the atom, they realized that we can use it for anything other than making a bomb. It could be used to generate electricity. These nuclear reactors have been powering homes and industries around the world for the past 70 years. Nuclear submarines also work with a similar technology. Each nuclear submarine has a small nuclear reactor. In which electricity is generated using highly enriched uranium as fuel. From this power is supplied to the entire submarine.

How is a nuclear submarine different from a diesel electric one?
A conventional submarine or diesel electric submarine uses a diesel generator to charge the battery. The electricity stored in this battery is used to run the motor. Like any other battery, submarines have to come to the surface to complete the snorkeling process to recharge it. Any submarine is most at risk when it has to come out of the depths of the water and come to the surface. In such a situation, submarine search aircraft or warships of the enemy country can easily see them.

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