Biden warns Putin – if attacked, he will have to pay a heavy price! 62 minutes of conversation

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Moscow/Washington : US President Joe Biden spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday. Biden once again asked Putin to remove a gathering of more than a million soldiers on the Ukrainian border. At the same time, Biden has warned Russia that if it invades Ukraine, the US and its allies will “resolutely respond and will pay a heavy price.” The White House, the office of the US President, has given this information. According to the information, Biden told Putin, ‘The result of the attack will be ‘extensive human suffering’ and the image of Russia will be tarnished’. Biden also told Putin that the US would continue diplomacy on Ukraine but was “equally prepared for other scenarios”. Amidst the Ukraine crisis, there was a 62-minute phone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden.

The talks took place after the warning of the National Security AdvisorThe talks between the two leaders came after Biden’s national security adviser, citing intelligence, warned that Russia could strike in a few days and before the end of the ongoing Winter Olympics in Beijing on February 20. It is noteworthy that Russia has gathered more than one lakh soldiers on the border of Ukraine and has sent its troops for exercises in neighboring Belarus.

Russia is denying the claim of attackHowever, Russia has consistently denied that it is going to invade Ukraine. On Saturday, the White House said that US troops stationed in Germany, Poland and Armenia have not been sent to Ukraine to fight Russia. They will not fight a war with Russia in Ukraine. They will only defend NATO territory against aggression, their deployment is defensive and non-escalatory.

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White House said – we are ready for every situationThe White House said that we cannot peek inside the mind of Russian President Vladimir Putin, we cannot speculate about his decisions and intentions… We are prepared for any situation. If he wants to take the path of diplomacy, then we are with him. If he wants to move forward, we will work with our allies to respond decisively.

Threat of attack before the end of Beijing OlympicsThe White House said that the way Putin built his army and deployed it in Ukraine, the signals we have received through intelligence are clear that Russia wants to take military action and it can happen very quickly. White said there was a high possibility that Russian President Putin could order military action and strikes on Ukraine on February 20, before the end of the Beijing Olympics.

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