Big change in patrolling of Chinese soldiers near LAC, four times increase in patrol

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New Delhi
Chinese soldiers have changed the way of their patrolling on the Line of Actual Control. Tension started between India and China on the LAC in Eastern Ladakh last year, after which there was a bloody skirmish between the two countries in Galwan. Tension continues on LAC. According to sources, in the meantime, China has also changed the way of its patrolling. Where earlier only a contingent of 20-25 soldiers used to come for patrolling, now in many places Chinese soldiers are patrolling in numbers of about 100.

100 soldiers now not 25 together

According to sources, China has not only increased its surveillance equipment on the LAC, but it is also building new shelters for its soldiers near the LAC. China has also increased the deployment of troops. The Chinese army has also changed its patrolling method to stand in front of Indian soldiers. There are many such places on the LAC which both India and China claim. Indian soldiers also patrol in these disputed places and Chinese soldiers also patrol. Earlier, there were 20-25 soldiers in the contingent of Chinese soldiers that used to come for patrolling. But now in those places where the Chinese post is at a distance of 25 to 30 kilometers from the LAC, China is sending a big team for patrolling. It has about 100 soldiers. If there is ever a confrontation between India and Chinese soldiers during patrolling, then it may take time for reinforcements to come from places where China’s posts are far away. That is why China has started sending more troops to patrol such places.

Indian Army’s position strengthened in Badahoti area
Last month, when Chinese soldiers came for patrol in Uttarakhand’s Badahoti, their number was more than 100. According to an army official, China has increased the number of soldiers in the patrol in the recent past. The Indian Army is in a strong position in the Badahoti area and the Indian post there is only about 8 kilometers away. Whereas the Chinese post is about 30 kilometers away from there. Although China has built a road right up to the LAC. Chinese soldiers come in carts and also bring their horses in carts. Here the Chinese post is far away, so they are coming in large numbers for patrolling. Soldiers of India and China have been facing each other at many places on the LAC. Because soldiers of both countries send their teams for patrolling in disputed places.

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[Attribution to NBT]

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