Birthday gift to PM Modi: Vaccine to more than 2.5 crore records in 1 day, left China behind

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New Delhi
Friday, September 17, was the 71st birthday of the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. On this occasion, the countrymen gave a special gift to PM Modi. In fact, on Friday, India also overtook neighboring China, making a world record for applying the corona vaccine. Corona vaccine was administered to more than 2.50 crore people in the country in a day, which is a world record so far. PM Modi has also expressed happiness by tweeting on this achievement.

China left behind, 5 times more vaccine than the total population of New Zealand
After applying more than 25 million vaccine doses on Friday, India also surpassed China’s record (247 million doses). Not only this, India has applied vaccine doses in just one day, more than the total population of many small countries. If we talk about countries like New Zealand, then 5 times more vaccines than their population have been administered in our country within just a few hours.

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya gave information
Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya tweeted and wrote, ‘India has created history today on the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By applying more than 2.50 crore vaccines, a golden chapter has been written in the history of the country and the world. Today was the day in the name of health workers.

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PM Modi also expressed happiness
The Prime Minister tweeted and wrote, ‘Every Indian will be proud of the record number of vaccinations done today. I commend our doctors, administrators, nurses, healthcare and all frontline workers for making the vaccination campaign a success. Keep promoting vaccination to defeat Covid-19.

Karnataka tops in vaccination
On Friday, Karnataka gave the highest 26.9 lakh doses in the country, while Bihar gave more than 26.6 lakh doses. At the same time, talking about Uttar Pradesh, more than 24.8 lakh doses were given here, in Madhya Pradesh more than 23.7 lakh doses and in Gujarat more than 20.4 lakh doses were given.

More than one crore vaccines in a day for the fourth time
For the fourth time in the country, more than one crore doses of corona vaccine were given in a day. Mandaviya said that the country has crossed the mark of giving one crore doses, the fastest so far. Earlier, on September 6, August 31 and August 27, more than one crore doses were given in the country. Mandaviya had said on Thursday that those who have not taken the vaccine, such loved ones, family members and all sections of the society should be given a birthday gift by getting them vaccinated on the Prime Minister’s birthday on Friday.

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