Britney Spears cried in court against father, told the judge – please, give me my freedom

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The dispute between American pop singer (Jamie Spears) and her father Jamie Spears over guardianship (protection) is increasing. On Wednesday, Britney recorded her statement in this regard in the court. Britney became emotional while recording her statement. He clearly told the court that he wanted his freedom back. Britney getting emotional in court said, ‘I want my life, my freedom back. It has been 13 years now and a lot has happened now. Brittany’s father has legal rights over the singer’s personal life and money since 2008.

Britney recorded her statement in courtBritney recorded her statement via video link in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday. In a nearly 20-minute statement, where Britney shared her pain and demanded ‘freedom’ from the court, her fans outside the court were seen shouting slogans in support of Britney. Millions of tweets have been made in support of Britney on social media too. His fans on Twitter are also running a campaign called ‘FreeBritney’.

Father Jamie became Britney’s conservator in 2008Britney Spears is 39 years old. His father, Jamie Spears, decides more matters related to his finances to personal life. In the past, Britney has been in controversy due to assault, mental health and drug use. In such a situation, his father Jamie was appointed Conservatorship of Brittany in 2008.

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‘Britney fears father’The ‘New York Times’, quoting confidential records of the court hearing, wrote, ‘Britney objected to the father’s interference in her life in 2014. Britney has cited other cases in court as the reason for her father’s alcohol addiction. Last year, Britney’s lawyer Samuel D. Ingham told the court that Britney was afraid of her father. Britney is the owner of around Rs 445 crore and the guardian of this money is her father.

Britney stopped crying twice, took oath twice While giving a statement in court, Britney Spears became so emotional that she had to stop for breathing twice. Because of this he had to take oath twice. Singer told the court that this legal system called him ‘trauma’ and ‘depression’. Brittany said, ‘I’m not happy. I am unable to sleep. I am very angry. This is inhuman. We cry every day. Britney pleaded with Judge Brenda Penney with tears in her eyes, saying, ‘I really believe this stereotype is outrageous. I want change, I deserve change too.

Allegation- Father is doing mental abuse since 2016Brittany sued last year to remove her father’s guardianship and give property rights to a financial institution. Her lawyer told the court that Brittany was “afraid” of her father. The lawyer told the court that Britney’s father Jamie has been abusing her mentally since 2016. This guardianship is oppressive and Britney is being controlled. Under her father’s tutelage, Britney released three new albums. She also appeared in many TV shows. He also bought a new house in Las Vegas. But in January 2019, Britney suddenly announced that she was canceling all her performances until further notice.

Serious allegations against father in 2019In the year 2019, Britney alleged that her father and associates are continuously threatening her. Brittany said, ‘They are saying that I keep doing what they want, if I do not do it, they will punish me for it. My doctors are also forcibly giving me medicines. Because of this I always feel like a drug addict. I am not even allowed to change clothes or drive the car myself. Enough is enough now, I want my freedom back.

Father’s lawyer said – she can end it whenever she wantsOn the other hand, Brittany’s father’s lawyer Vivian Lee Thorin says that Brittany’s father has taken good care of her as a guardian. Britney’s money is also well kept. Yet Brittany can terminate her Conservatorship whenever she wants. Brittany knows that her father will be there for her whenever she needs her, whether as a mentor or not.

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