China: A herd of elephants returning home after a journey of about 500 km, has caused destruction of crores

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A herd of stray elephants is finally returning home after 17 months. These elephants traveled 300 miles in China which made headlines all over the world. 14 Asian elephants have been in the news for the past several months. She gave birth to two children and caused a loss of more than Rs 7 crore 82 lakh. A few days ago, pictures of elephants resting in the middle of the forest went viral on social media. Around 400 emergency personnel, 120 vehicles and a swarm of drones were monitoring them during the journey.

Elephant 125 km away from its homeA herd was seen roaming a plantation in Yunjiang County of Yunnan province on Saturday. This site is located about 125 miles north of the Elephant Home Natural Reserve in southern Yunnan. This herd of elephants had left in March last year. Leaving their old natural habitat, the elephants traveled through busy highways, major city centers and residential areas, which surprised scientists.

Elephants are seen sleeping after getting tiredAlong the way, elephants attacked shops, broke down doors, stole food and tried to enter people’s homes. In the viral photo earlier this month, elephants could be seen taking a nap in the middle of the forest. Scientists believed that elephants were very tired because of the long journey. They again turned south after reaching the outskirts of Kunming, a metropolis full of businessmen and tourists.

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Elephants lost due to lack of experienceThere is no solid evidence as to why these elephants went on this journey. Chen Mingyong, a professor at Yunnan University, suggests that herd leaders may have led the entire group astray. Probably because they have ‘lack of experience’. China is one of the only countries in the world where the elephant population is increasing. Due to conservation efforts and hunting bans, the number of elephants in Yunnan province has increased from 193 in 1990 to 300 today. As of Sunday night, the herd was in Yuanjiang County, about 125 miles from the reserve. The provincial government said significant progress had been made in the herd’s return home. Officials will continue to work to bring them back to their natural habitat.

[Attribution to NBT]

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