China captures Bagram airport in Afghanistan? When the lights started burning, the speculation intensified

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The US, which was determined to eliminate the Taliban in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years, had prepared its largest base here in Bagram. He also quietly vacated this base while taking back his troops in July this year. However, now once again there has been a stir here and it is not clear who is taking possession here. It is a matter of concern for India that a few days ago there were reports of Chinese spies conducting recce here. According to Afghan media agencies, the lights have been lit again at Bagram Airport, America’s largest military base. With the movement once again seen here, many questions have arisen in many ways. However, there is no information about who has come here after all?

China’s move?
A few days ago, a Chinese delegation had secretly visited this airbase. Reports claimed that these people were allegedly collecting evidence and data against the American people. It is believed that Chinese spies had gone there with the help of the Taliban and Pakistan to build an ‘intelligence centre’ to keep a close watch on any aid being given to Uighur Muslims in their Xinjiang province.

India’s concern increased
Chinese spies had come to Afghanistan by road via Pakistan so that they could not be monitored at Kabul airport. On the other hand, India’s concern has increased seriously due to the visit of Chinese spies to Bagram airfield. Highly placed sources in the Indian government said, ‘We are confirming the visit of the Chinese team. This is serious… if they along with Pakistan set up a base there. This will lead to terrorism and instability in the entire region.

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It was here that preparations were made to kill bin Laden.
Bagram Air Force Base was under US control since 2001. To kill Osama bin Laden hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan, US Navy SEAL commandos were trained only. Later these commandos left from Jalalabad Air Base. The base also housed the office of the commander who commanded the air operations in Afghanistan. This airfield was built by the Soviet Union in the 1950s. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, this base became its main base.

[Attribution to NBT]

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