China is making new weapons to hit space, US Defense Ministry warns

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The US Defense Ministry Pentagon has warned that China is rapidly developing a space strike weapon. The Pentagon has also said that China is doing important work on weapons that can reduce the disparity in space technology between it and the US. China already has Anti-Satellite Weapon. It is believed that this weapon of China can target satellites only in low Earth orbit. But, the new weapon that is being made now will be capable of attacking even higher.

China investing heavily in space weapons
According to the report, China is investing heavily in weapons that have the ability to jam and destroy satellites. Such weapons could pose an immediate threat to America’s national security. It also states that after the formation of the US Space Force during the Trump administration, China is aggressively developing weapons in space.

China wants to overtake America
Rear Admiral Michael Studman, the top intelligence official of the Pentagon’s Indo-Pacific Command, said in a webinar that China-made anti-satellite weapons are capable of jamming the satellite, killing it. He told that they are keeping a close watch on our space capability. They want to match us and surpass them.

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Warning about China’s military progress
He said that if they engage in a war with us they will be able to secure their objectives. The US intelligence community was warned in April about China’s military advances by the office of the US Director of National Intelligence (DNI). In this warning, it was told that the Chinese military is gathering information about the Integrated Space Service satellites for reconnaissance and position assessment, navigation and satellite communication.

China also mentioned in Pentagon’s annual threat report
The Chinese military’s Space Command is undertaking a massive updation of its weapons and command-and-control systems to halt US military communications. The DNI stressed that the development of space weapons will be an integral part of future military deterrence in space. Its annual threat assessment report states that China is making a new type of anti-satellite weapon.

What is Anti Satellite Weapon
Anti-satellite weapon is a weapon designed to disable or destroy satellites for strategic military purposes of any country. Till date no such weapon has been used in any war. However, many countries consider such missile systems necessary to demonstrate their capabilities in space and to continue their space program at an uninterrupted pace. So far, only four countries of the world, America, Russia, China and India have this capability.

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