China’s unconditional support on Ukraine’s war may cause problems for Russia, understand the whole game

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There could be a sense of desperation in Western countries with China not participating in a vote held at the end of Friday night’s discussions at the UN Security Council after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. But this unconditional support from China may also trouble Russia. The Guardian has given this information. There are also signs that China is finding itself uncomfortable by defending Russian President Vladimir Putin and has begun to trouble the global economy in a way. Many countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia and also imposed sanctions on Russian business. It was also possible that Putin showed his respect for China by delaying the attack until after the Winter Olympics, the report said, but China was not consulted about this attack. Chinese diplomats had previously ridiculed the prediction of such an attack and left many of their citizens on their situation in Ukraine. A close partnership agreement was signed with Russia on February 4, the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, but there was no discussion about an invasion of Ukraine even during that time.

Short-term disruptions worrying for China
China was benefiting from the current world order, but the economic conditions it is now can trouble it. The Guardian reported that China’s efforts to make an alternative to Russia’s cut from the SWIFT payment system may benefit, but the short-term disruption is worrying for it. It was worth noting that after talks between Putin and President Xi Jinping, Russia had offered high-level talks with Ukraine in Minsk on unacceptable terms. But even though China is restraining itself from calling Putin’s actions an attack, it has gone in the same circle with Russia where both are expected to be criticized globally. China, however, stressed on Friday that it was “absolutely necessary that all sides exercise necessary restraint to prevent the situation in Ukraine from worsening or spiraling out of control”. The lives and properties of the common people must be effectively protected, and in particular, humanitarian crises on a large scale must be prevented.’ China also said that Ukraine should become a means of communication between the East and the West, not the front lines of confrontation between major countries. This means that China will favor Ukraine being a neutral state, the report said.

Europe will be free from dependence on Russian gas and oil
The risk for Russia is that if it falls in the eyes of the world after this attack, it will be left as a requester rather than a future partner with China. Europe will free itself from dependence on Russian gas and oil in 10 years, and this has become an urgent matter in Rome and Berlin. The Guardian reported that in such a situation, Russia would be dependent on China as a customer. Another threat to Russia is that China is proud of its influence in Africa. All African representatives of the Security Council voted against Russia on Friday.

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