Chinese army will soon withdraw from Hot Spring and Gogra? Corps Commander level meeting again in 8-10 days

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New Delhi
To resolve the dispute that has been going on for more than a year in Eastern Ladakh, there will soon be a Corps Commander-level meeting between the Indian and Chinese Army. It is hoped that this time in the talks, agreement can be reached on disengaging in Hot Spring and Gogra. However, the situation is not expected to be restored before April 2020. According to an Indian Army official, the 12th round of Corps Commander meeting can be held within 8-10 days. He said that the date has not been finalized yet and the date is expected to be finalized in 2-3 days. After which the agenda for the talks will be decided. He said that we hope that in this round of talks, an agreement can be reached on the disengagement in Gogra and Hot Spring area in Eastern Ladakh. Only about 30-35 soldiers are deployed from both sides at these two points. He said that while thousands of soldiers and military equipment can be retreated in Pangong area, then in Hot Spring and Gogra area only a few soldiers have to be retreated and tents have to be removed. In the northern shore of Pangong Lake, Chinese soldiers had also built many semi-permanent structures, which they broke and went back. According to the army official, the disengagement started even before Pangong in the Hot Spring area but it could not be completed. After which a platoon of the army on both sides i.e. about 30 soldiers are stationed there. Although they are not quite face-to-face, but until the disengagement is not done, there cannot be normalcy here. Soldiers of both the countries are not even able to patrol these points. He said that the issue of Demchok and Depsang has also been raised in the talks. In every meeting, it is said from India that Chinese soldiers have blocked India’s patrolling points in the Depsang area, they should open them and remove their soldiers. However, this issue has been going on for many years. He said that along with Chinese soldiers, tents of civilians have also been set up in Demchok area. These are also about two years old and they are also discussed in the meeting. According to the army officer, in this meeting also, there will be talk from India on restoring the situation before April 2020. Although it is not that easy. He said that just now there has been disengagement in Pangong area. In that, at some places, soldiers have gone back 500 meters, in some places they have retreated for a few kilometers. Soldiers of both the countries have gone to their permanent base in the northern edge of Pangong area i.e. Finger area. However, all the soldiers are stationed there and the soldiers have not been removed from any side. So descalation and then deinduction can take a long time. Descaling means that soldiers and other military equipment including tanks, missiles, which are currently deployed to fight the war, will be sent to their base in normal condition. Deinduction means that the troops will be gradually removed from there and the former position will be restored. China has deployed about 50 thousand of its soldiers near the LAC in Eastern Ladakh and in the same way India has also deployed about the same number of soldiers. There has been no reduction in the number of soldiers from either side.

[Attribution to NBT]

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