Chinese nuclear submarines were chasing British aircraft carrier, spying caught

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China was engaged in spying on Britain’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, who arrived in the South China Sea to give a befitting reply to the showing Chinese dragon. For this, the Chinese Navy had stolen its nuclear submarine behind the British warship. However, this theft of China was caught and Britain’s Anti Submarine Sonar detected the Chinese submarine. These submarines were equipped with several lethal cruise missiles. This sonar was mounted on British frigates which were operating to protect the Carrier Strike Group. It is being told that when this carrier strike group was leaving the Pacific Ocean from the South China Sea, at the same time two Chinese nuclear submarines were seen near British warships. The Royal Navy was anticipating the arrival of Chinese submarines and Chinese spy warships and had made preparations.

China has 66 submarines, far ahead of US-India
A naval source told the Daily Express, ‘China is increasing its submarine numbers very fast and we certainly should not underestimate it but they do not have war experience. In contrast, during the Cold War, the navies of Britain and America have gained the experience of fighting wars in the Atlantic after many campaigns. He said that China is using its technology to find out our position, but they are deploying the submarine so that they can achieve super power status in the future. Their aim is to gain hegemony in terms of trade and security in the Pacific Ocean. China is currently using six second-generation submarines called the Type 093 class. These submarines entered service in the year 2006. This submarine has 85 crew members and can stay underwater for 80 days. It has supersonic ship killer missiles. China currently has 66 submarines and is well ahead of the US and India.

[Attribution to NBT]

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