Congratulations, iPhones will come with Type-C port! Will not buy separate charger, read full report

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When it comes to connectivity ports, Apple has always appeared to stand apart. It looks like the company has no intention of removing the old Lightning port and replacing it with USB Type-C. But, now Apple may be forced to insert a USB Type-C port in its iPhone. The European Union has been talking about a common charging port and charger for all smartphones for some time now.

iPhone Users Are Stuck With Different ChargersThe battle over different types of chargers for Android mobile phone users is over as all the devices come with a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer. But iPhone users are still stuck with a different charger and the EU thinks it’s high time it should be replaced.

Uniform charger will reduce e-waste – EUThe EU feels that by creating common chargers for all smartphones, mobile brands will help reduce the generation of electronic waste. Apple, on the other hand, believes that abruptly shutting down the Lightning port on iPhones will create more electronic waste, given that there are a lot of iPhone chargers out there globally.

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Apple may have to adopt Type-C portHowever, Yahoo! According to a report by ! Finance, the EU plans to propose a common charger law in September. If the European Union succeeds in passing this law, Apple will have to adopt USB Type-C ports for iPhones sold in Europe. Now, it is highly unlikely that Apple will have separate charging ports for iPhones in the European market and the rest of the world.

Earphones available in the box only in FranceFor those who can’t, Apple has recently stopped providing charging adapters and earphones inside the box of new iPhones to reduce electronic waste. But in France, Apple is forced to provide the earphones for free inside the box because local law mandates it. In France, no mobile brand can sell a smartphone without earphones, which are said to help people with hearing problems.

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