Corona has the highest number of deaths in India, claims the Lancet magazine, the central government denied

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London/New DelhiThe government figures released regarding the deaths due to the corona epidemic (Death Due to Covid-19) are constantly being questioned. It is said that more deaths have occurred due to corona than the figures released by the government. Now the foreign magazine Lancet () has also raised questions on this. According to a new analysis by the Lancet, the total estimated number of people who lost their lives due to Covid-19 in India between January 2020 and December 2021 was 40 lakh 70 thousand, which was eight times more than the reported figure. Responding to these findings, the Union Ministry of Health (MoHFW) on Friday termed them based on speculation and misinformation and said that the authors of the analysis have themselves admitted flaws and discrepancies in the methodology.

Source of data based on newspaper reports and unpublished studies
The ministry said in a statement that the study has been done keeping in mind the different approaches for different countries. For example, for India, the source of the data used in the study appears to be based on newspaper reports and unpublished studies. ‘The Lancet’ reported on Thursday that as of December 31, 2021, 22.3 percent of all deaths worldwide occurred in India. According to the analysis, 59 lakh 40 thousand people died worldwide till that period, out of which 18.2 percent died due to Covid-19. This was almost three times higher than the earlier estimate. The magazine said that the number of people who lost their lives to Covid-19 in India during that period was reported to be 4,89,000. The magazine has claimed this in its report, “Covid-19 Mortality Estimation: A Systematic Analysis of COVID-19 Related Mortality Rates, 2020-21”. The report said, “At the level of countries, India has the highest number of deaths due to COVID-19 at 40 lakh 70 thousand people.” thousand) occurred. At the same time, 10 lakh 70 thousand people died in Russia, 798,000 in Mexico, 792,000 in Brazil, 736,000 in Indonesia and 664,000 in Pakistan. According to the Lancet report, “more than half of the deaths due to Covid-19 worldwide during the 12-month period occurred in these countries.”

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