Corona’s third wave may come by October-November, but it is expected to remain light

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New Delhi
The second wave was not over yet in the country that the discussions on the third wave intensified. Some experts said that the third wave would come, while some believed that the chances of the third wave were negligible. Let us know from Epidemiologist Dr. Chandrakant Laharia who told our associate newspaper The Times of India (ToI) that the third wave of corona virus may come in October-November but this wave will be lighter than the first or second wave.

Due to these reasons the third wave will remain light
Dr. Laharia’s argument behind the third wave is that according to the unofficial data, at present, there is a population of about 40 to 50 crores of the country which has been infected. These have antibodies. Some of the remaining people are such populations that have been vaccinated, so antibodies have been formed in them too. The remaining population that will remain, there is a possibility of increasing the cases. However, the third wave that will come will be light. If 10 thousand cases are coming daily, then at that time the cases will increase to 20 to 25 thousand. It will not make much difference, but if the cases start increasing after the continuous decreasing case, then it is considered as a wave. This has been seen in many countries.

Some states are more at risk

He says that at the national level, some states will be more at risk than the third wave. There may be some states or union territories where cases may increase by October-November. Four waves have come in Delhi too, so the states need to tread carefully. Dr. Laharia says that the changing variants of corona are also responsible for the arrival of the third wave. In the second wave, the delta variant has infected people very fast. Now its new variant Delta Plus has been found and this variant infects 60 to 70 percent more people. If the variants keep changing in the country, then the chances of third wave of corona will remain. Looking at most of the big countries, the third wave has come in all. There have been three waves in Russia, the third wave has just started in Britain. There are many other countries where the third wave is coming. So there is a possibility that the third wave will come in India as well. If vaccination is intensified in the country, if more and more people are vaccinated in a short time, then the effect of the third wave will not be that much.

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62 thousand new cases in the country

62,224 new cases have been reported in the country in 24 hours. 1,07,628 people have recovered and 2,542 people have lost their lives. For two days, less than three thousand deaths due to corona are being reported. For 9 days, new cases are coming in the country less than one lakh. The last time one lakh new cases came on 7 June.

[Attribution to NBT]

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