Covid-19 Factoid: Ahmedabad has highest loss of life rate amongst all districts

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The world confirmed cases tally is nearing 10.5 million, of which 508,876 individuals have already succumbed to the an infection and nearly 5.7 million sufferers have managed to beat the virus and recuperate.

In India, the number of reported cases has reached 566,840 and nearly 17,000 sufferers have lost their lives on account of Covid-19 an infection.

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Here are some information points on the extent of the pandemic:

#1. Brazil sees substantial dip in every day new cases for 3 days straight

Brazil, with 1.37 million reported cases, is the second most Covid-19 affected nation after the US. Brazil added over 40,000 cases every day for 4 days (23-26 June). However, the South American nation is witnessing a steep drop in reporting new Covid-19 cases for 3 straight days. The every day new cases additions plunged to 25,234 on 29th June. Over 58,000 individuals have succumbed to the virus and 0.75 million individuals have recovered till now.

#2. Ahmedabad has the highest loss of life rate amongst most impacted districts

Six Indian districts have till now reported over 10,000 cases, Ahmedabad has the highest loss of life rate amongst them. With over 20,000 reported cases in Ahmedabad, 6.9 per cent sufferers couldn’t survive. Ahmedabad is adopted by Mumbai, probably the most affected district with over 76,000 confirmed cases, has a loss of life rate of 5.eight per cent.

Hyderabad, with nearly 12,000 confirmed cases, has the least loss of life rate of 0.2 per cent. Chennai is the one different district amongst them with a loss of life rate of lower than 2 per cent.

#3. Karnataka reviews sudden surge in new cases

Karnataka’s cases tally has rapidly moved up and crossed 14,000-mark. The southern state ,which noticed an early outbreak of Covid-19 cases, had managed to comprise the virus for a very long time. However, Karnataka is again witnessing a surge in its every day new cases, including more than 1,000 cases for 2 days operating. Among the reported cases in the state, 7,683 cases have already recovered whereas 226 individuals have lost their lives until now.

[Headline and report might have been reworked by the The News Everyday; rest generated from a syndicated feed.]

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