Crafting A Character : Hearthstone’s New Demon Hunter Aranna Starseeker

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Hearthstone has experimented with every kind of content material and characters through the years, from tavern brawls to dungeon crawls, single-player experiences to the auto-battler Battlegrounds. One facet that’s at all times been deftly dealt with is the inclusion of massive new characters to the solid. While Hearthstone has its personal amusing identification, the overwhelming majority of the universe is imported from the better Warcraft world. 

For occasion, when Hearthstone provides a charismatic bartender to the roster it is enjoyable, however doesn’t have an entire lot of implication to the model at giant. This week, a personality that would have far more affect if she ever crosses over into the World of Warcraft is right here – Aranna Starseeker, a daring new demon hunter that comes alongside a free single-player marketing campaign expertise the place you dive into her character and companions as they embark on a Shakespearean Mad Max journey throughout the Outlands. Yep, you learn that proper. It’s a wild new introduction for a wild new hero. I sat down with Dave Kosak and Chadd Nervig from the Hearthstone staff to ask a number of the large questions on Hearthstone’s new character.

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Why would you employ a brand new hero as an alternative of someone who’s already established as you recognize, on this case a demon hunter?

Kosak: Looking by the characters in World of Warcraft and Legion, we did not suppose there was a standout character that embodied what we wished to get in a Hearthstone hero. And we actually wished somebody that we may craft a narrative round. So we gravitated round this concept of Aranna, and tying her to recognized characters within the Hearthstone universe. Aranna is the youthful sister of Elise Starseeker, so she’s form of residing within the shadow of her large sister who simply saved the world in our final set of expansions. 

Nervig: She has a little bit of a distinct angle than Illidan. We dwell on the earth of World of Warcraft, however we like to inform our personal tales inside that. Last 12 months was the League of Explorers and League of Evil minor characters scattered a few of them inside WoW, however principally our personal characters inside this grand world. We like doing a mixture of that right here too.

As siblings, they’ve taken very completely different profession paths. Do we get to know something about that? Like, what introduced that about? Did they combat rising up, inflicting them to veer off in such loopy paths?

Kosak: This is admittedly Aranna discovering what she’s about and what sort of hero she is. At the start of the journey, she defines herself primarily based on her sister. She’s gonna go discover Outland as a result of that hasn’t been explored and he or she’s gonna make a reputation for herself. She’s very aggressive along with her sister. As she learns and discovers her personal form of mission and her personal objective in life, she kind of turns into a hero in her personal proper. Then by the top of the journey, she appears again on her sister and pulls away. She says to Illidan “A sister taught me thick and skinny, a Starseeker doesn’t give in.” So by the top of the journey, she’s actually form of reconciled with the reminiscence of her sister, as a result of she’s discovered herself as an alternative of judging herself subsequent to her sister. She’s discovered who she is. It’s enjoyable to form of attempt to inform that arc within the context of a sport like Hearthstone.

Nervig: It’s an journey of self-discovery in lots of methods.

What’s the good factor you are able to do with a personality like this? What was essentially the most enjoyable to design about her?

Kosak: For me, essentially the most enjoyable was that we actually took the time to create this character from the artwork to the V.O. So Luke Mancini (senior artist at Blizzard) was our artist, spent lots of time determining what we are able to do, some form of twists we are able to do to the demon hunters. I feel my favourite factor he got here up with was that her hair comes down over her eyes as an alternative of a blindfold. When it got here to the V.O., we truly took the time to document each characters collectively. So Illidan and Aranna have been each within the sales space collectively, so we may truly movie or document their dialogue as dialogue. That’s form of a uncommon deal with. Often once you do V.O. in video video games, you do not get the actors in the identical room collectively, they they’re responding to traces that have been recorded per week earlier in numerous components of the nation or one thing. This is, pre-COVID-19 clearly, we have been truly capable of get everyone round on the identical time.

Nervig: I’d additionally name out the rhyming particularly being in Shakespearean verse simply felt nice. Hearing that backwards and forwards within the sales space was unbelievable.

Kosak: Yeah, it offers it this sort of surreal, like virtually a stage play high quality. It feels very very like you are residing a narrative truly, that was one of many issues that we wrestled with on the Hearthstone staff after we have been bringing Illidan to Hearthstone. He’s a franchise degree epic character, and he is a fairly severe dude. He’s fairly grim. Hearthstone tends to be form of whimsical and charming. How can we be true to Illidans’s character and nonetheless preserve that sense of caprice that makes Hearthstone a lot enjoyable to play? So we began penning this journey in verse and it allowed Illidan to nonetheless be the brooding form of darkish hero that he’s.

So the single-player adventures are virtually like puzzles, you recognize, constructed the way in which that they’re. What was your favourite encounter to construct for this set?

Kosak: So we have been presenting Outland as this ravaged world that folks have been attempting to outlive in, and at one level with a purpose to get to the Black Temple, our heroes steal a demolisher, they steal a tank, and race by the felstorm. It’s form of a scene straight out of a Mad Max film and so it was all of our heroes shouting at one another as they fireplace rockets, dump gasoline into the engine, and preserve the factor shifting whereas they’re being attacked from all sides on this felstorm… The staff had a blast with that one.

Of course, the character isn’t simply artwork and design. To make issues come alive in any universe, nice voice performing performs a giant function. Enter Myrna Velasco, the voice actress for Aranna Starseeker! We had an opportunity to speak along with her a bit about her contribution towards setting the stage for Aranna’s grand entrance to the Hearthstone world.

So you’re a demon hunter now! What was the good a part of that have?

Velasco: Well, I’ll break it down. I assume there’s so many cool components about it. Learning about what a demon hunter is in Hearthstone was a very cool expertise since you’ve bought Liam O’Brien who’s been taking part in Illidan Stormrage for ceaselessly. It’s  simply actually cool to be form of thought of a badass and to work on the theater expertise I went to varsity for. Numerous work that I did was by Shakespeare and classical coaching. 

And so like, high two favourite issues about engaged on Aranna and dealing with Hearthstone was working with Dave, the author who wrote it in verse. Like, who does that anymore? It’s simply so like…. classically cool. And then,  there are so few jobs that we get right here in Hollywood, you can say like, Oh, nice, I’m going to lastly use my faculty Shakespeare apply right here to be an actor once more. So that was simply form of actually gratifying for all of my faculty professors as effectively.

So did you will have any expertise with Blizzard IPs earlier than this? Or was this your first time seeing you recognize, a demon hunter or an orc warlord?

Velasco: So admittedly, I’m not an enormous gamer. I’m very novice. I grew up in a family with out video video games, so I used to be conscious of the Blizzard universe, however I had by no means performed the sport earlier than. And I used to be a little bit bit like, Oh, no, I do not know if I ought to inform anyone that! So once I informed Chadd, Chadd Nervig he was like, Oh, that is fantastic, you get the story and also you get the idea. And in the long run, I ended up downloading Hearthstone. And now I play it! At the identical time, I grew up with Lord of the Rings and with Harry Potter and so it is common for me to know what an orc is.

So what was essentially the most difficult a part of this undertaking as a voice actress?

Velasco: What’s at all times form of the most important problem for me is form of recognizing whether or not or not I match into the method. Because you recognize, there are lots of four-year-olds that may beat me in video video games. So I, I walked into this job being like, effectively, I do not know if I’m not gonna perceive what I must do to please the followers, as a result of I’m not essentially on their degree. So for me, it was extra similar to recognizing that no, I perceive tales. And that is all that we actually want to provide individuals a very good story whereas they play a very good sport.

If you can voice any actual or fictional animal a voice, which might you do? Real or fictional. Any animal ever.

Velasco: Probably… Velociraptor and Dragon. I feel these are the 2 I wish to be.

While lots of Hearthstone’s single-player content material chunks can have a paid facet to them, the large 5-act construction of Ashes of Outland is completely free, and options Aranna on the helm of a band of misfits as they work throughout the wastelands to tackle the massive dangerous chief, who on this case isn’t an enormous dude in a hockey masks however as an alternative, in very Hearthstone trend, a mecha-demon.

Definitely not Lord Humungus

You can even play as Aranna in Battlegrounds, the place her character transforms into a way more highly effective entity after you full some primary sport necessities. And if you happen to nonetheless need extra Aranna to deliver into your ranked video games, you should buy an Ashes of Outland bundle that comes with the character portrait, voices, and results! The Felfire Festival is an ongoing occasion, and extra elements will open up within the days and weeks to return. And that’s not all! Check out some unique Aranna idea artwork beneath!


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