Daughters preparing to go to military school, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind wants ‘Taliban rule’

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New DelhiWhen the doors have been opened for daughters in military schools in the country, some religious organizations object to studying in their ‘co-ed’ schools as well. He seems to be defying the Talibani ‘methods’ in the country. A similar approach was reflected in the appeal of (JUH) President Arshad Madani on Monday. Madani has appealed to all non-Muslims not to send their daughters to co-education schools to save them from obscenity. He insisted on sending girls to separate schools made for them. Arshad Madani has made this appeal at a time when the Taliban has banned co-education in Afghanistan. It has also issued a decree that men will not teach daughters or female students there. Boys and girls will not be allowed to study together. This step will be applicable from primary to university level.

Madani said – separate educational institutions should be made
In a press statement issued on Monday after the JUH working committee meeting, Madani said, “Imorality and obscenity are not the teachings of any religion.” It has been condemned in every religion of the world, because these are the things that spread misbehavior in the country. Therefore, we will also ask our non-Muslim brothers to refrain from co-educating their daughters to keep them away from immorality and abuse and to set up separate educational institutions for them. During the meeting of the Working Committee, the establishment of schools-colleges for boys and girls, specially for girls, different educational institutions in religious environment and ways to improve the society were discussed in detail. Madani said that in today’s situation people need good madrasas and highly secular educational institutions, in which equal opportunities of education can be provided to the children. Muslims should equip their children with higher education at any cost. “We are in dire need of schools and colleges where our children, especially girls, can pursue higher education without any hindrance or discrimination,” he said.

Have you forgotten Madani?
In Afghanistan, the move to give education to daughters separately from sons was strongly condemned by experts. It was said that this step would deprive girls of higher education. Such a move cannot even be imagined in India. There is already a shortage of quality schools and colleges in the country. While appealing, Madani may have forgotten that this is not Afghanistan but India. Madani’s statement also implies whether obscenity is taught in co-educational institutions.

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The doors of military schools have opened
Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a big announcement while addressing the country on the 75th Independence Day. He had said that the daughters of the country would now be able to apply for admission in any military school. That is, the doors of all Sainik Schools in the country will now open for them too. The Prime Minister had said, ‘It is a matter of pride for the country whether it is education or sports, board results or Olympic medals, our daughters are performing phenomenally today. Today the daughters of India are eager to take their space. I used to get messages from lakhs of daughters that they also want to study in Sainik School, the doors of Sainik Schools should be opened for them too.

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