Death figures from Corona are ‘hidden’, Congress asks CMs of these three states to resign

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New Delhi
The Congress has accused Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh of hiding the death figures from Kovid. On Saturday, it was said on behalf of the party that the Chief Ministers of these states Yogi Adityanath, Vijay Rupani and Shivraj Singh Chouhan should resign taking moral responsibility. The main opposition party also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to conduct a judicial inquiry to ascertain the exact number of deaths due to Kovid in the country and fix the accountability of those hiding the data.

Deaths equal to 6 months in May only in Madhya Pradesh?
Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, citing a news related to the death toll from Kovid in Madhya Pradesh, said that Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan should answer on this. He tweeted, “170000 deaths – in the month of May alone – only in MP! Whoever did not think, did not hear, that truth is in front. In the month of May alone, there were deaths equivalent to six months in Madhya Pradesh. How did human life become the cheapest? Why did the soul die? How is ‘Shivraj’ sitting on governance? The Prime Minister-Chief Minister should come forward, tell who is responsible?

‘NDA Means – No Data Available’Party spokesperson Pawan Khera told reporters, “NDA itself means ‘no data available’. The statistics of the economy and jobs are being hidden. Now the figures of loss of lives are being hidden, which is very sad. Now even the exact figure of those who died in New India is not being given.

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There is a race to hide the death toll, Congress alleges
He said, “In the month of May, 1.7 lakh people died in Madhya Pradesh, whereas in the official figures only 2451 people died due to Kovid. The truth is the figure has been hidden. The figures have also been hidden in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Such reports have also come about these two states as well.” Kheda claimed, “It seems that there is a competition to hide the death toll from Kovid in BJP ruled states.”

Is there a moral right to remain in the chair?
“Do the chief ministers of these states, who hide statistics, have a moral right to continue in the chair? It is the responsibility of the Chief Ministers. The Chief Ministers of these states should resign taking moral responsibility.” The Congress leader said, “We demand from the Prime Minister that a judicial inquiry should be conducted to find out the number of people who died of Kovid in the entire country. The correct figures should come out and the accountability of those hiding the figures should be fixed.

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