Difficulty in reading tribunal’s order due to water mark: Supreme Court

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New Delhi
has said on Friday that there is difficulty in reading the order due to the record in the order of the tribunal. In an oral comment, the Supreme Court’s e-committee will approach the tribunal and ask it to remove the watermark from the pages of the judgment. The observation was made by a bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud while hearing an appeal against the NGT order. Justice Chandrachud of the Supreme Court said that the tribunal is not within us but the E-Committee will deal with this issue. Earlier also we had raised this issue on the issue of High Court. It’s bad condition that we can’t read order. Justice Chandrachud himself is also the chairman of the e-committee. Justice Chandrachud of the Supreme Court said in the remarks that the watermark occurs on the pages and due to this the order is not read and the order becomes unreadable especially for those who are suffering from visual disturbances. One is my law clerk who is scholar but visually challenged he can’t read the order because there is water mark in the order. This order is not even read from the machine. Justice Chandrachud said that due to the large size of the logo on every page, it is very difficult to read the order. Even I do not feel comfortable in reading. Justice Chandrachud had said in March this year that high courts and tribunals should avoid putting watermarks on every page of their orders. In this way, putting watermark in the judgment makes it difficult to read the documents easily. No watermark is required to show the credibility of the judgment. Today’s judgment has a digital sign. The top court said that there is difficulty in reading the watermarked order especially when 40-45 SLPs have to be read from Monday to Friday.

[Attribution to NBT]

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