Divyanka Tripathi slams Mukesh Khanna’s assertion on MeToo: ‘How regressive and outdated’

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Divyanka Tripathi has strongly condemned Mukesh Khanna’s controversial touch upon MeToo motion, calling the thought course of ‘regressive and outdated’. The senior actor had mentioned ‘MeToo problem started after women started to work’ in a YouTube video, later claiming that his feedback have been perceived in a mistaken method.

“How regressive and outdated is that! It is cringeworthy when people in respectable positions make such remarks. Misogyny may be a result of a traumatic memory or past. That’s the only benefit of the doubt I can think of. With due respect – I condemn this statement of Mukesh ji,” Divyanka wrote on Twitter whereas sharing Mukesh’s video.

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How regressive & outdated is that! It’s cringeworthy when people at respectable positions make such remarks.
Misogyny could also be a results of a traumatic reminiscence or previous. That’s the one good thing about doubt I can consider.
With due respect – I condemn this assertion of Mukesh ji! https://t.co/E98DBaqOBX

— Divyanka T Dahiya (@Divyanka_T) November 1, 2020

He is heard saying within the video, “Women and men are made differently. Women’s responsibility is to take care of the house. I am sorry to say this, but the MeToo problem started after women started to work. Today, women aspire to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with men. People talk about women’s liberation, but let me tell you that this is where the problems begin. The first member to suffer is the child because he does not have a mother to take care of him. He watches ‘Saas Bhi Kabi Bahu’ with the caretaker. It all began when women aspired to be equal to men, but a man is a man, and a woman is a woman.”

A day later, he mentioned he was stunned by how his assertion was taken. “I am not against women working. As I said let me show you my full interview taken by someone from which this ‘Vivadit Bayan’ has been taken out to malign me. This which I don’t mean. I was just commenting on how Me too can happen. You can see yourself in this interview how I respect women,” he mentioned.

“In our country, women have succeeded in each and every field — be it becoming Defence Minister, Finance Minister, Foreign Minister or even going to space. Women have always made great strides in every sphere. My film/acting career proves that I have always had great respect for people in general and women in particular. I humbly request that women shouldn’t be against me. If my statement has upset or hurt any woman, then I am really saddened that I haven’t been able to put across my thoughts in more cohesive, correct manner,” Mukesh mentioned.

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