Do not make this mistake in applying Sim Card card, then you will get internet and Danadan calls

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new Delhi. Many times some people are negligent while installing the SIM card in their smartphone. Due to this negligence, your SIM card does not work properly and there is a problem when you use the Internet or make calls. If we talk about the internet, then the internet speed is very low or it ends right, if we talk about calling, then during calling you may have to face many other problems including call drop. To ensure that such a problem does not happen to you, today we have brought such tips for you in this news, which if you follow, then there will be no problem related to internet or calling in your smartphone. So let’s know which are these tips and how you can use them.

Clean and insert SIM card
Many times it happens when you insert the sim card but some dirt sticks on it, this dirt is due to dust, many times it happens when you put the sim card but some dirt sticks on it, this dirt is dust particles. can. In such a situation, if they are installed, then they can become a bottleneck in the network. Not only this, your internet will also run in slow speed. If you want that something like this does not happen with your smartphone, then you have to clean it thoroughly with a clean cloth before inserting the SIM card, after that you have to put it in the smartphone without touching its chip area. By doing this, the network problem in your smartphone can be reduced to a great extent.

don’t put sim card in haste
If you insert the SIM card in a hurry, there is a high possibility that the SIM card will not fit properly or will move slightly out of its place. In such a situation, there is a possibility that there may be a lot of problems in the network and even when you make calls, the problem will remain like this. You should try that you are stable while inserting the SIM card and fit the SIM in the slot properly.

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