Dodging the world, 6 Russian Navy warships reached the Black Sea, Putin preparing to clash with NATO?

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Moscow: Amid tensions with Ukraine, 6 warships from the Baltic Sea have now reached the Black Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry had earlier reported that these warships would be deployed in the Mediterranean Sea. He was also told to take part in some of his maneuvers. But, due to the changing circumstances, these warships have been sent to the Black Sea closest to Ukraine. It is likely that the Russian President is preparing to confront the US-led NATO directly. NATO has also deployed troops, weapons and warships to several countries in Eastern Europe to respond to Russia’s aggression. Currently, aircraft carriers of the US Navy, the Italian Navy and the French Navy are also patrolling the area. In such a situation, the challenge before Russia is not only to counter the military capability of NATO, but also to maintain pressure on Ukraine.

Will play a big role in action against NATO
Many defense experts have feared that these warships of the Russian Navy could play a big role in the action against NATO. Five of these are 775 Ropucha class amphibious warfare ships, while one is Project 11711 Ivan Gren class landing ships. Russia sent the first three of these warships together from the Baltic Sea on 31 January. After this three more warships were sent on 2 February. Despite the bad weather, all these 6 warships have reached the Black Sea area ahead of time.

what is amphibious warship
Amphibious warships are designed to attack enemy seashores. These ships can easily float even in shallow water. A large number of soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment are stationed on such warships. Through these, the army can be rapidly transported to the sea shores. The Amphibious Ship is considered to be the biggest force of any Navy. Amphibious ships have a major contribution in attacking coastal areas, delivering weapons and logistics. There is a lot of space inside them for weapons, equipment, vehicles and soldiers.

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Marshal Ustinov also left for the Mediterranean
On the orders of President Putin, the Russian Navy has sent Marshal Ustinov, a Slavic class cruiser, to the Mediterranean region a day earlier. There are already two Slavic class cruisers in the Mediterranean. Cruisers of this class have many advanced missiles, weapons, and guns. These are considered the most powerful warships of the Russian Navy. There is so much ammunition on these warships, which has the potential to destroy the whole of Ukraine in an instant. Several destroyers, cruisers and frigates of the Russian Navy are currently patrolling the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea in the west, leaving the eastern sector.

Marshal Ustinov is the pride of the Russian Navy
Marshal Ustinov is part of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy. This warship usually patrols the North Atlantic region. This battleship has been seen several times on the west coast of Europe. The Russian warship was spotted last week near Norway, Britain and Ireland. Most unusual is that the Slavic-class cruiser Varyag of the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet is also in the Mediterranean. The warship reached the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal from Vladivostok, Russia, in February for maneuvers with China and Iran.

Know the power of Marshal Ustinov
Marshal Ustinov is a huge size warship. It has a length of 186 m, a beam of 20.8 m and a draft of 6.28 m. The total displacement of this warship is about 11,500 tonnes. The other two battleships of the Marshal Ustinov class are Moskva and Varyag. Of these, Moskva is the flagship warship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy. It has recently been upgraded. At the same time, Vairag is the main warship of the Pacific Fleet. Russia initially planned to build six Slavic-class cruisers, but only three were built due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and poor economic conditions.

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