‘Dragon’ eyeing Russia and Ukraine tensions! China sees Taiwan’s future in America’s next step

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Washington: Tension is at its peak in Eastern Europe. The war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia Ukraine War) is averting with every day. America is constantly warning about the danger of possible war. On the one hand, Russia’s military force is present on the borders of Ukraine, while in Eastern Europe, the soldiers of America and Britain are strengthening the hands of NATO military forces. Now America believes that China is closely monitoring the current situation in the region. The question is, what can China benefit from the tension in Europe? According to a Bloomberg report, the Biden administration believes that Beijing is constantly monitoring how the US will react to the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. This allows him to anticipate the US response to Chinese aggression towards Taiwan. Russia has been continuously withdrawing its forces from the borders of Ukraine which were allegedly taking part in military exercises. On Wednesday, he also withdrew his troops from Crimea.

The crisis of ‘recognition’ ahead of TaiwanDespite this, US intelligence estimates that Russia may attack at around 1 o’clock tonight. If Putin makes this attack, America’s concern about Taiwan will increase further, which China is continuously claiming. In the past two years, China has increased its military activities near Taiwan. The biggest problem facing Taiwan is ‘recognition’. Most of the countries of the world have not yet recognized Taiwan, so if China attacks this island, many countries will not be able to openly oppose it.

Xi Jinping eyes NATO’s next moveUS officials told Bloomberg they believe Xi Jinping is closely studying the response to the NATO coalition, which is taking on Russia in defense of Ukraine. Last week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also indicated this. He said in Melbourne, Australia, without naming China, that ‘the rest of the people’ are watching us to see how we respond.

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There are also tense situations between China and TaiwanTensions are also increasing between Taiwan and China. Recently, President Joe Biden’s administration has approved a US$100 million missile deal between the US and Taiwan. China says that Taiwan is part of it, while Taiwan considers itself an independent country, which is also supported by the US. Taiwan is not ready to succumb to China at any cost. In such a situation, if the tension increases, then the world may have to deal with a big war.

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