Drone seen flying over Indian embassy in Pakistan, is Imran spying on India?

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Located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, has been seen flying. After which India has lodged a strong protest raising the matter with the Pakistani authorities. The drone was seen flying over the residence of Indian Embassy officials. This is the first time a drone has been seen inside an Indian mission in Pakistan. Such an incident in the highly secure area of ​​Islamabad has raised the concerns of the Indian Mission officials.

Drone was seen above the embassy on 26 June
According to the report, this incident is of June 26. There was an event going on inside the Indian mission at the time of the drone sighting. As of now, there is no official confirmation from where this drone came and whether it did not pose any threat to the security of the Indian Embassy.

Getting date from Jammu airport incident
Incidentally, on the same date, explosives were dropped by drones at the Indian Air Force base in Jammu. On June 27, the Indian Air Force had informed about the blast. The possibility of Pakistani terrorists being involved in this attack was also expressed. Investigations revealed that military grade explosives were used for the attack on the Jammu airport.

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Pakistan harassed Indian Embassy officials
Pakistan has been continuously violating the Vienna Convention. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI also works to harass Indian diplomats. At times Indian diplomats are chased. Despite the residence of diplomats in the highly secure area of ​​Islamabad, people are gathered and shouts are also made in front of the Indian missions.

What is Vienna Treaty
Vienna Treaty was signed in 1961 regarding diplomatic relations between independent countries. Diplomats have been given special powers under this treaty. Two years after this treaty, in 1963, the United Nations made provision for another treaty prepared by the International Law Commission, which was called the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. This treaty was implemented in 1964.

These rules are about diplomats
Under this treaty, the host country gives special status to the diplomats of other countries residing here. No country can arrest diplomats of another country in any legal case. Nor can they be kept in any kind of custody. At the same time, no customs tax can be imposed on the diplomat in the host country.

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