Earth, sea, sky… Russia’s all-round attacks shook Ukraine, scared world, know what next

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It was about 5 o’clock in the morning in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an aggressive speech. Putin ordered a “special military operation” (Russia Ukraine Attacks) in Ukraine’s eastern region of Donbass. Following this order from the Russian President, the army launched a vigorous attack to target military bases in the capital Kiev and other cities of the country, not far from the eastern region of Ukraine. As expected, Russian forces targeted Ukrainian command and control systems, air defense bases and airbases in order to destroy the full defense power of the Ukrainian military. Russia used a large number of ground attack cruise missiles. Along with this, Russia used long-range anti-radiation missiles to destroy Ukraine’s radar system. During this time Russia started special operations to give a shape to the ‘battlefield’. According to the defense website The Drive, Russia launched an all-out attack from the eastern region of Ukraine, the southern region of Crimea and the northern region of Belarus. The attack is believed to be in its initial stages.

The threat of Russian occupation of Kiev from the north
Now there is concern that this all-out attack could implicate the army present in the eastern region of Ukraine. The Russian attack will prevent Ukrainian soldiers from getting supplies on the battlefield and they will be trapped. Not only this, there has been a threat of Russian occupation of Ukraine’s capital Kiev from the north. Not only this, the Russian army is attacking from the sea in Odessa and Mariupol area. This all-round attack is indicating that this attack of Russia has become one of the biggest attacks in the world. It is believed that tonight will be the night of murder for Ukraine and this will show where this war seems to be heading. This Russian attack now threatens to create a large-scale refugee crisis in Ukraine. The streets of Kiev are full of vehicles and everyone is leaving the city. Russian bombers have been seen extensively in the sky. Russian army tanks have now penetrated into many cities of Ukraine. On the other hand, the President of Ukraine has said that his country is not going to surrender.

So Kiev can turn into a graveyard for Russian soldiers
Russia appears to have destroyed a naval base in Ochakovo, Ukraine, in a missile attack last night. The Russian army has already built a chokepoint near Kharkiv. With this, with the help of cannons, they can fire vigorously on the city towards the north. After this the Russian army can move from north to south. Combat helicopters can be used. The most worrying thing is that the Russian army is attacking through Belarus which went there in the name of exercise. The number of these soldiers is about 30 thousand. From the border of Belarus to the capital Kiev, there is a good road that allows Russian troops to move rapidly. However, if the Ukrainian army uses anti-tank missiles, it can turn into a graveyard for Russian soldiers.

[Attribution to NBT]

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