Entry of American technology in India! The battery of the iPhone 13 series will be very strong, a feature never seen before

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New Delhi. There has been a constant conversation about Apple for a long time now. On one hand, users are very excited about the company’s new iPhone 13 series. At the same time, a new leak is coming out every day. Something similar has happened this time also. Actually, a report has been released regarding the battery of iPhone 13, in which a lot of information has been shared about this feature of the phone. The report states that the iPhone 13 is expected to offer a bigger battery than the iPhone 12 series. According to a report by TrendForce Analyst, the iPhone 13 series is expected to offer very strong 5G coverage. The company can launch this series with mmWave 5G coverage. According to the news, the iPhone 13 series can be introduced in September 2021. So let’s know what is mmWave 5G.

What is mmWave 5G
mmWave 5G uses a frequency band from the 24 GHz to 100 GHz range called milliliter web (mmWave). It provides benefits for 5G networks. The main focus of this technology is the revolution of mmWave wireless as part of the 5G revolution.

iPhone 13 will get support for mmWave 5G: According to some leaks, the iPhone 13 will be offered with a bigger battery, faster processor and support for mmWave 5G. The company is adopting a new strategy with these features. These features will prove helpful in increasing the sales of the phone. Many analysts say that this year the country may also get mmWave 5G coverage apart from the iPhone 13. Through this technology, better 5G connectivity will be provided to the users. Talking about the price, this is an expensive technology, so due to this, the cost of phones or services can also be high.

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This technology is currently available in America not in India:
This technology can be introduced in India but in the US Apple already supports mmWave 5G technology in its iPhone. At the same time, now the company is considering to expand this technology. In such a situation, the company can introduce this technology in its upcoming series iPhone 13. Due to this technology, the price of iPhone 13 series is expected to be higher.

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