First Stars of the Universe: When did the first stars twinkle in the universe? Scientists have discovered

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Hardly anyone has the answer to how many stars are there in the universe, but scientists have found out when the universe was first illuminated in the light of stars. In a study published in the Royal Astronomical Society, it has been told that they started shining only after about 25-350 million years. With the help of the US Space Agency NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, which will be launched this year, those galaxies will also be clearly visible in which these stars formed.

When were stars made?
Professor Richard Ellis of University College London is trying to locate this Cosmic Dawn. His team studied the 6 most distant galaxies. They were so far apart that they looked like a dot on the screen. By finding out their age, the time of star formation was first discovered. The universe formed after the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, after which there was darkness for a long time.

clear picture
Researchers believe that after the Hubble Telescope, with the help of the more powerful James Webb Space Telescope, they can be seen more clearly. The interesting thing is that these stars must have been different from today’s stars. In such a situation, the world of science has been very excited to know about them. Many important elements are formed during the explosion that occurs before the end of the life of the stars.

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