Five Eyes: Just a gesture and the New Zealand team didn’t even leave the room, an alliance that ‘sniffs’ the threat

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Pakistan’s Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium was ready for the first ODI between New Zealand and Pakistan cricket team. On Saturday, many people all over the world were sitting ready to open the TV for this match. Suddenly the New Zealand team refused to come on the field. Team players did not even come out of the hotel. Everyone is shocked what happened after all? Has any player got sick? But it was nothing like that. The danger that led to the cancellation of the series was much bigger and more serious than the deteriorating health. Fearing a terrorist attack and for security reasons, New Zealand decided to cancel its tour of Pakistan and announced its return home. Security threat inputs were deemed credible before the match. This was followed by a phone call between NZ Cricket and the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Prime Ministers of Pakistan and New Zealand Imran Khan and Jacinda Ardern. The tour was canceled within 12 hours of this conversation. After all, how many solid inputs were given that a cricket team returned without landing on the field just on the strength of apprehensions? The Kiwi team was stopped from coming out of the hotel by the five-nation intelligence alliance ‘Five Eyes’. In such a situation, it is very important to know what is this five eyes and how was its input so convincing?

What is Five Eyes AllianceThe Five Eyes is an old intelligence alliance that was founded on 14 August 1941 and includes the world’s five largest democracies. The US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are part of it. If it is called the world’s most powerful intelligence alliance, then it will not be wrong. Five Eyes is a partnership formed during the Cold War. It was formed to monitor the Soviet Union and share intelligence among themselves. Coalition surveillance capabilities were vital to the war on terror after the 9/11 attacks. This alliance’s potential can be gauged from the fact that it has tracked down many celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana.

America gives the most informationMost of the intelligence comes from Washington. However, the UK also contributes to a large extent. Canada, Australia and New Zealand contribute very little in terms of intelligence. It is considered to be the world’s most successful intelligence alliance and is now contemplating changing its form. In 2020 the coalition indicated a change of its role. The ‘Five Eyes’ agreed to move away from mere covert protection to a more public stance on respect for human rights.

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Five Eyes wants to include IndiaIn the same sequence, the coalition issued a joint statement about China’s Hong Kong policy, although New Zealand was absent from it. Many claimed that the reason for New Zealand’s absence was its trade ties with China. Despite its diplomatic autonomy beyond the coalition, New Zealand shares intelligence with the ‘Five Eyes’. The alliance wants to expand its network. In its annual policy bill in September, the House Armed Services Committee said it wanted to expand intelligence sharing opportunities with four additional countries. These four additional countries are Germany, India, Japan and South Korea.

Pakistan woke upHowever, Pakistan is stunned by the cancellation of the tour of New Zealand. Pakistan’s Home Minister Sheikh Rashid blamed India for this and blamed the Indian media for maligning the image of Pakistan. According to the Express Tribune, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said on Friday that the tour has been canceled as part of an international conspiracy.

Coalition’s input rejectedRasheed Ahmed in Islamabad said he would not name the conspirators. However, he said that after what is happening in Afghanistan, some forces want to make Pakistan a scapegoat. According to the Geo TV report, hours after the Kiwi team canceled the tour of Pakistan, Ahmed said – New Zealand officials do not have concrete evidence of danger in Pakistan.

[Attribution to NBT]

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